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DiamondJewelryPedia:, Colors of Gold
March 04, 2014

Are you aware of different colors of gold?

Today I will give you a brief overview of different colors of gold, and which metals are mixed in gold to get that particular color.

Yellow - Being the most popular gold color, gold is usually associated with this color. It is made by adding silver and some copper. The metals are melted together to form an alloy of the desired color and karat.

Note that all ingredients must be pure with each accurately weighed to prevent porosity and weakening of alloy.

White - White gold was invented after the First World War, and until that time all white jewelry was made with platinum or silver. There are two main types of White Gold - those used in bands and those for settings.

Nickel is added to produce a hard white gold. This is ideal for bands of rings. However, because of its tough and brittle nature, it is not used for gem settings.

For gem setting purpose, palladium is used to make white gold. White gold thus produced is bendable with a very high melting point. So, very fine settings and filigree work do not melt during solder work.

Pink, Rose, or Red - This color is imparted to gold by adding more copper than silver. Rose gold is growing in popularity, with a number of alloys available in several pink and peach hues.

I hope you enjoyed this "golden" piece of information.



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