4 Cs - The 4 basic characteristics of Diamond

4 Cs of Diamond determines its 5th C, i.e. Cost.

You might be intrigued to know that how price or value of diamond is determined. Well in that case you are at the right place.

Quality and Value of diamond is determined by four factors. These factors are also termed as 4 Cs or Four Cs where Cs stand for:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat
  • Clarity

Each factor plays important role in determining value and beauty of diamond. Below, I have explained briefly about each of them. For detailed explanation click the hyperlinks.


In my opinion, this characteristic of diamond is the most important factor but unfortunately it’s the least understood of all. So, here you will be provided with detailed explanation of cutting and proportion of diamond.

Cutting of a diamond has a significant effect on its cost and it even determines the stone’s durability. In this section we will study:

  • General terms that are commonly used when referring to faceted stones.
  • Proportions of round brilliant cut diamond through diagram.
  • Different cutting styles of diamond.
  • What are the proportions of ideal to fine cut diamond?

Check Cuts of Diamond for more information.


Beauty of diamond is influenced most by its Color. If the color of gem is rare, then its price will automatically shoot up. In this section we will study:

  • Commonly used Color Grading Systems.
  • What to consider when selecting the color grade?
  • Desirable color grades.
  • The key steps involved in color grading.

Check Color of Diamond for more information.

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It is the measure of weight of diamond. The price of diamond is quoted on per carat basis. So, let’s learn about what actually carat is. Here we will study:

  • Difference between Carat and Karat.
  • Difference between weight and size of diamond.
  • Standard weight estimates and sieve sizes.
  • How does Carat weight determine the value of diamond?

Check Diamond Carat for more information.


You might have heard the terms VVS, VS and SI referred by jewelers while showing the diamond jewelry. But you may not be aware of what exactly these terms mean. Well you will learn about these terms in detail in Clarity page.

There you will learn about:

  • Commonly used flaw (clarity) systems.
  • General terms that are commonly used when referring to clarity of diamond.
  • Which clarity grade is most desirable?

Check Clarity of Diamond for more information.

After going through the above details on 4 Cs of diamond, I am sure you would have gained fair understanding of technicalities used in valuation of diamond. These details will definitely help you at the time of buying diamond.

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