Your Jewelry Buying Experience

We all learn from our mistakes and experiences, but wouldn’t you feel satisfied if someone else learns from your experience!

It might have happened that due to your ignorance, a jeweler would have taken you for a ride. Due to insufficient knowledge of trick of the trade, you would have purchased jewelry that shouldn’t have been bought.

So, here you have the chance to share your any such bad experience and how you overcame that situation with your friends and readers.

  • Did you bought overpriced diamond?
  • Did you bought treated or color enhanced diamond without you being informed?
  • What, diamond had inclusions but still you didn’t get any discount from jeweler?

Above points are just for your illustration. Your experience may not be limited to just these situations. Feel free to share any jewelry buying experience/tip(s) which could help other readers. If you wish, you can share any pleasant and positive experience as well.

Help and Be Helped!

Want to Narrate Your Jewelry Buying Experience?

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