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Jewelry Designing is not just sketching of jewelry on paper. Earlier, the art of jewelry designing was passed from one generation to the next. But nowadays, with coming up of various institutes, even people with no jewelry background are learning jewelry designing.

What Inspires You to Design?

Some are inspired by Mother Nature while some takes inspiration from their surroundings.

Wouldn’t you like to share your thoughts that inspired you put your favorite jewelry design on paper? Wouldn’t you like to have feeling of pride by helping other budding designers?

Well, you can do it here by sharing your valuable knowledge with other readers.

  • Show your jewelry designs and share your inspiration behind it.
  • Share your knowledge on better rendering of jewelry designs.
  • Tell the name of the designing institute from where you have learned. How were you taught to imagine the concept before you actually started sketching?
  • Do you prefer art form of manual design or the accurateness of Auto CAD? How do you design, manually or on Auto CAD?

Above points are just for your illustration. You can share any thoughts reflecting your design. You may also like to read more about designing jewelry.

So, come, join and share your work and your views and learn simultaneously.

Want to Showcase Your Jewelry Design?

Share your jewelry designs with others and help them take inspiration from your creation.
It’s free and everyone is invited to join in.
No Membership Registration Required.

See Other Visitors' Jewelry Designs

Click on the links below to see some great Jewelry Designs. They were all shared by other visitors to this page.

Handmade Jewellery 
Augustine Jewels is a successful British Luxury Jewellery Brand which is now sold all over the world. The pieces are hand drawn, then the finest gems …

Handmade Designs 
These are handmade designs like pendant, necklace and earrings using precious and semi-precious stones :-)

light weight ladies rings 
in 18 kt gold wt not more than 3.00 gm and multi diamond use total wt of diamond not more than 0.30 cts dia wt between 0.08 to 0.30 gold wt 1.25 gm …

Rhino Diamond Earrings 
These Diamond Earrings are designed in Rhino Software and the motif of this design is Curves. I traced and retraced the designs to get a simple yet elegant …

CAD Designed Diamond Necklace 
Hello Friends, I’m a jewelry designer and I design using CAD. CAD helps me to design to perfection and accuracy. Jeweler I work with takes orders from …

Om Diamond Earrings 
Hello Friends, I am sharing the pair of earrings I love the most. For me it's the spirituality that is the driving force behind my imagination. I

Twilight - The Fusion of Day and Night 
Click to Enlarge Images I am sharing one of my designs inspired by nature. The design is named "Twilight" and it shows fusion of day and night. …

Click here to write your own.

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