Diamond Information - Do you know the basics?

It is quite important to get the basic diamond information before delving deep into details of diamond jewelry. Since ancient times, mankind has been fascinated by brilliance and fire of diamonds. It has always been the symbol of love and gifting diamonds and diamond jewelry has always been a popular choice.

So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to first understand the fundamentals before venturing into the finer details? Well that’s why we are here.

This page will be the foundation on which you will be building your knowledge of diamond jewelry. Through this you will get a picture of:

  • History behind diamond, famous diamonds, largest diamond
  • How are diamonds formed, man-made diamonds, manufactured diamonds
  • Source of rough diamond
  • Hardness of diamond, Mohs scale

Learning about Diamond History and How are Diamonds formed will be quite interesting. After all who will not like to know the origin of something which is so close to his/her heart.

You would have had heard about the famous Koh-I-Noor, but there are other famous diamonds too which many of us are unaware of. So through famous diamonds page, you can get yourself familiarize with various diamonds having history behind them.

Diamond quotes by Confucius and Elizabeth Taylor

Have you ever given thought about how diamond comes to earth's surface? Has this question ever walked through your mind that how your engagement or wedding ring survives its shine even after you wear it daily? Well it’s because of hardness of diamond. Diamond is the hardest natural substance. Its value is 10 on mohs scale.

Due to its hardness, diamond can only be scratched by other diamonds, this is the reason it's best suited in jewelry as compared to other gems. As a result of this property, diamond is a preferred stone in wedding and engagement rings which we wear daily, because it can survive daily wear and tear while maintaining its sparkle.

These days we get excellent man-made diamonds that look just like natural diamonds. So, you should also have basic knowledge of how to differentiate between natural diamonds and simulants.

Before you buy diamond, its important to know about the characteristics of diamond. Topic on diamond information will be incomplete without the mention factors that affect the value and beauty of diamond. The jewelers uses various terms like scintillation and fire of diamond, learn about these terms and get yourself familiarize with 4 Cs of diamond.

People’s sentiments towards diamond have changed with passage of time. Nowadays, with changing mindset of consumers, diamonds are being seen as good investment option too. However, just like any vehicle of investment, diamond can become a profitable asset only if thorough research is done prior buying.

So, if you like the idea of investment in diamond, then do read pre-requisites of diamond investment before going ahead with your investment. Knowledge of these will definitely help you get worth of your money.

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