Cluster Setting

Cluster Setting, as the name suggests has bunch of mounted diamonds which are clustered together. In this setting, group of small diamonds are set together in a manner to create an illusion of a big solitaire diamond.

Cluster setting engagement ring

Total cost of these small clustered diamonds is much less than a fat solitaire piece of equivalent weight. However, this setting procedure involves lot of expertise and skill.

How to identify Cluster Ring Setting?

  • Diamond cluster generally involves round brilliant cut diamonds in prong setting. However, designers pour in their creativity by making use of other diamond shapes – like oval – in designer diamond cluster earrings and diamond cluster engagement rings.
  • Prong setting is preferred over other diamond settings, because pronged stones can be set side by side. Shared or common prongs are generally used, as this allows the minimum use of metal.
  • Less use of metal highlights the small diamonds, allowing maximum fire from each stone. This technique creates an illusion of solitaire diamond instead of several smaller diamonds set together. Clustering can also be easily seen in gemstone jewelry (mostly in floral designs).
  • Another noticeable feature of this setting is the use of huge center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. However, in designer jewelry different styles may be incorporated without highlighting the center stone.
  • The total area in which clustered diamonds are set is more as compared to a solitaire diamond of same carat weight. You may ask why? The answer is simple; it’s due to the spacing between several small diamonds in a piece of jewelry.

Why should I choose a Cluster Set Engagement Ring?

  • Cluster diamond setting allows innovative and exclusive designs apart from classic traditional pieces. Diamond cluster engagement rings are beautiful alternative to conventional solitaire engagement rings at a much lesser cost.
  • Cluster setting works well with contemporary style jewelry as well as antique and vintage designs. Antique cluster set engagement ring has a shade of old worldly charm and looks extremely romantic.

I have listed below some of the popular cluster engagement ring styles from amazon. These cluster set engagement rings create a semblance of being heavy and very expensive. However, on the contrary due to use of small diamonds these are much less priced than what they appear to be.

Basic cluster set engagement ring: This cluster engagement ring is perfect if you are looking for something simple and lovely. Cluster of diamond forms flower, and the simple band presents it a delicate and tender touch.

Basic cluster setting engagement ring

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Split shank cluster set engagement ring: Diamond cluster is same as above but the split shank imparts to this ring a more designer face. Also, the diamond studded shank creates a heavier look. So, if you want a piece with a little bulky presence, then this ring should be a good choice.

Cluster setting engagement ring with split shank

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Two tone cluster set engagement ring: This seemingly modern two tone cluster setting engagement ring will appear all the more appealing to today’s women. So, if your lady-love has a stylish taste, I’m sure this two-tone cluster setting engagement ring will connect straight with her.

Cluster setting engagement ring two tone

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Designer cluster set engagement ring: The designer formation of cluster makes this engagement ring altogether extraordinary and rare. It can be contemplated if you are looking for a unique and designer engagement ring.

Designer Cluster setting engagement ring

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Antique opal aquamarine cluster set engagement ring: Wow! What can be said for this truly mesmerizing antique opal and aquamarine cluster engagement ring! It exudes love and romance, and nothing can be more suitable than this, for a truly romantic proposal.

Antique opal aquamarine Cluster setting engagement ring

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Contemporary cluster set engagement ring: This is a simple cluster setting engagement ring with a contemporary tinge to it. If you are working with a limited budget and your honey has an active lifestyle, then this ring will surely suit her. This cluster engagement ring is set with a common prong setting and truly fitting for an active lifestyle.

Contemporary Cluster setting engagement ring

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The small diamonds set next to each other creates excellent designs in jewelry. As small diamonds are club together to create a stunning piece of jewelry, there are endless possibilities.

Cost effective

Total cost of a diamond cluster engagement ring is much less than a diamond solitaire engagement ring with the same total size appearance.

A solitaire diamond of 1 carat of same color and clarity would cost much more than a cluster of diamonds with total weight of 1 carat. So, clustering will allow you to have more total diamond weight at comparatively much less cost.

So, after having a basic idea and advantages of cluster setting, I hope you will be able to make wise choice while purchasing a cluster set jewelry.

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