Bezel Setting

The Bezel Setting was the earliest method of setting diamonds or gemstones into jewelry, and its many examples can be seen in jewelry museums. Second in popularity after prong setting, bezel is quickly getting popular among fans.

Bezel Setting

The bezel mounted stone is encircled in a metal rim that extends slightly above the girdle of the diamond. The rim, or collar, can stretch around the diamond’s entire circumference or around only a portion of it.

A cabochon stone (a gemstone that is not faceted) usually relies on the shallow angle cut into the side of the stone which helps the metal to stay in place.

With a clear faceted stone, such as a diamond, a shallow groove is cut into the bezel itself. The girdle of the diamond is placed in the bezel, which is then pushed down over the girdle. The pressure of the bezel over the edge of the diamond keeps it in place.

Bezel Mounting

Read how to set diamond in bezel to know more about setting procedure of round diamond in bezel, and things to check before buying a bezel set jewelry.

A bezel holds a stone securely and it’s a good choice for people with active lifestyles. A bezel can also be used to cover chips, inclusions or blemishes in diamond.

The bezel itself may be a simple plain design or may be very intricate. Either way, the bezel can dramatically enhance the beauty of a ring.

Types of Bezel Setting

Bezel can be of following types:

  • Full Bezel - It completely surrounds the stone hence securing the diamond. The bezel is attached to the top of the ring and stands up above it, adding height and another dimension to the setting. The full bezel offers a sleek and streamlined look.
  • Half Bezel – In this type, bezel is 'split' into multiple sections, arcing around just part of the diamond. This technique is quite often used in fancy-shaped diamonds (like - marquise, pear). It provides the security of the bezel, while allowing more visibility to stone.

Full Bezel Setting and Half Bezel Setting

Full Bezel Setting (left) Half Bezel Setting (right)

Is Bezel Set Engagement Ring the Right Choice?


Bezel set stone is very secure. This setting provides protection from accidental rubbing and blows. Since the edges of the diamond are surrounded by the bezel, the possibility of a stone being chipped is greatly reduced. You are less likely to lose a bezel set stone. This setting also keeps the stone cleaner because it is more difficult for dirt to get in.


Although this setting looks beautiful when used with round brilliant diamonds, but it blends with many diamond shapes.

No Snagging

With smooth ring surface, diamonds or setting do not get caught on materials. It also prevents the ring from accidentally scratching someone. You can wear this type of ring doing almost any activity without worrying about damaging or losing your diamond.

Reduces Diamond's Brilliance

This setting covers a large portion of the diamond in metal, so there is some restriction to free movement of light through the stone, thereby reducing its sparkle. The brilliance of diamond is significantly restricted as light is only reflected back through the table of the diamond. Therefore, if great sparkle is in your mind, then this setting may not perfectly fit your requirement.

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