Diamond Shapes - Is it different from diamond cuts?

If you think that diamond shapes and diamond cuts are one and the same thing then you will be surprised to know that these are two different terminologies and unknowingly often used interchangeably. So, first of all it's important that you understand the basic difference between these two terms.


Cut is one of the most important factors in 4 Cs of diamond and implies how a diamond is faceted, number of facets in polished diamond and symmetry and proportion of these facets.

Cut quality of diamond determines the overall brilliance of diamond. Cut is also referred as cutting style, and by GIA definition there 3 basic cutting styles:

  • Brilliant Cut - It has triangular and kite-shaped facets radiating outward around the stone. Apart from modern brilliant cut, it has four other variations - single cut, rose cut, old mine cut and old European cut. You may read diamond facets for more on round brilliant cut.
Different variations of brilliant cutting style of diamond
  • Step Cut - It has facet rows which are four-sided, elongated and parallel to the girdle.
  • Mixed Cut - It has both brilliant and step cuts. For example pavilion can be step cut and crown can be brilliant cut, or vice-versa.

You may read more about step and mixed cuts.


Shape of diamond implies its overall geometrical shape or outline of the polished diamond. For e.g. round, heart, oval, pear, square, rectangular or triangular. Shape of diamond has drastic affect on how big and brilliant it appears. Diamond shapes other than round are also termed as fancy shapes.

Diamond Shapes

Following are the popular shapes of diamond that you should be familiar with:

Choice of shape depends on your liking. You may be attracted to something unique like marquise but your friend may like traditional round the most. It’s about your much awaited solitaire earrings or precious engagement ring. So, your choice has to be the best.

Also, it's worth remembering that diamonds of different shapes can affect your personality differently, like if you have long slender fingers then marquise or pear or oval is the shape for you, but if you have relatively small fingers then traditional round or princess will suit you more. But, remember this is not a thumb rule, as it will also depend on your personal taste.

While cushion and heart are the symbol of love and romance, heart should be your choice if you are truly in love and considering proposing your love.

If you are considering buying diamond, browse through all the shapes available, if it’s possible try them and then make decision depending on the one which pleases your eyes the most.

So keep learning and happy choosing!

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