Trilliant Diamond

Trilliant Diamond is the name given to diamonds having triangular shape with brilliant facets arrangement. Generally in diamond industry, non-branded triangular brilliant diamonds are referred as Triangular Brilliant and Triangular Modified Brilliant.

Trilliant Diamond

Triangle Diamond

Types of Triangle Diamonds

While referring to triangle diamonds, jewelers commonly use terms like:

  • Trilliant Cut
  • Trillion Cut
  • Trielle

All these belong to triangular family only, but have apparent differences. Let me explain in detail so that you can get the clear understanding of difference between these terms:

Trilliant Cut

Don’t confuse "Trilliant Cut" with "Trilliant", latter is a generic term used for triangular-shaped brilliant faceted diamonds.

Trilliant cut was designed by Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York in 1962, and its logo is registered by this company. However, its patent has expired now and that's why "trilliant" is used as a generic term for triangular-shaped diamonds.

Trilliant Cut Diamond

Trilliant Cut Diamond

Trilliant cut is a variation of the modern brilliant cut with 44 facets. Its facets arrangement employs step cut on crown and brilliant cut on pavilion. This cut has triangular shape with very sharp and pointed edges. An overall depth of 32% - 44% is said to be best for getting great brilliance.

But, trilliant cut diamonds are generally thin with fewer facets as compared to other brilliant faceted shapes. So, due to its shallowness, from top it appears heavier than actually it is.

While choosing between trilliant cut engagement rings, emphasis should be given on clarity of stone. This is because due to its low depth, even a slightest of imperfections is easily visible.

It’s rarely used as solitaire stone. Instead, it’s generally used as side stone with other shapes. Trilliant cut stones blend beautifully with round shape, princess shape and emerald shape diamonds.

Trillion Cut

This is the traditional and original triangular diamond. It was created in Amsterdam by Leon Finker in 1978. A variation of the modern brilliant cut, it has 31 facets. Its crown and pavilion, both employs brilliant cut due to which it has more fire and brilliance, and has more soft and round edges.

Trillion Cut Diamond

Trillion Cut Diamond

Over the period of time, other triangular diamond shapes have been created with modification on the original trillion.

The Moussaieff Red is one of the famous trillion cut red diamond. It weighs 5.11 ct diamond and is regarded as the largest Fancy Red diamond ever rated by the Gemological Institute of America.

Moussaieff Red

Moussaieff Red


This is the other shape from triangle family and has 50 facets. It was created and patented by the Trillion Diamond Company. The Trielle’s patent (by its name) has expired, and as of now it’s trademarked by Trillion Diamond Company. This cut has straight, very sharp and pointed edges.

Trielle Diamond

Trielle Diamond

Price of Triangular Shaped or Trilliant Diamond

Triangular diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds because:

  • Triangular diamonds are cut from triangular shaped, flat tabular rough stones (also called 'macle'). Since the final shape is similar to the original shape of the rough stone, there is minimum wastage in cutting this shape. Due to this, the good amount of original rough can be conserved leading to greater yield and lower price.
Trilliant Diamond - Rough Stone (Macle)

Trilliant Diamond - Rough Stone (Macle)

  • Trilliant diamond comparatively needs less time for cutting and polishing than round shape. Thus as labor cost is less, price of finished diamond reduces.


Due to sharp edges, trilliant shaped diamonds are prone to chipping and damage. However, an even and symmetrical trilliant stone is quite versatile and can be set in following settings:

  • Prong Setting: V-shaped prong setting looks beautiful and elegant on triangular shaped diamond, and it provides enough safety as well to three corners of diamond. In this setting, diamond appears elevated and thus allows more light to pass through it as compared to other settings.

Trilliant Diamond V Prong Setting

Trilliant Diamond - V Prong Setting

  • 3 Stone Ring Setting: Trilliants are popularly set in 3 stone rings. Generally, these are set on either sides of a round shape diamond. It creates an illusion of bigger trilliants.
Trilliant Diamond - 3 Stone Setting

Trilliant Diamond - 3 Stone Setting

Trilliants should not be set in bezel setting, because bezel blocks the light entering through the girdle, thereby reducing the overall brilliance of diamond.

Is the Trilliant Diamond My Choice?


Triangular diamonds are rare fancy shaped diamonds, popular in rings, earrings and bracelets. Usually, these are priced less than round diamonds, but since supply is less and demand is increasing, these can be expensive.

Unique and Bold

If you are in search for something unique which makes a bold style statement then a trilliant stone will offer a good option. Being extremely one-of-a-kind and rare shape, it is considered to be up-scale high class diamond jewelry. So, if you want something that very few possess, then go with this shape.

High Maintenance

As you know trillants are shallow cut diamonds, so any dirt collecting on surface of diamond will block the refraction of light which will diminish its brilliance and fire. So, if you are ready to pay it a regular attention and clean it routinely, then go for it.

Celebrities' Choice

Triangular shape diamond is quite popular among celebrities. Jessica Simpson was proposed by Nick Lache with a 3.5 carat triangular diamond.

Trilliant Diamond Jessica Simpson

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