Emerald Shaped Diamond

Prior to Emerald Shaped Diamond, this shape was developed for emerald gemstone (this is how this shape got its name) to enhance its beauty. It was later tried on diamonds and was much appreciated, leading to its popularity.

Quite often, people ask me about "emerald diamond engagement ring". But, it is important to note, here "emerald" can imply either emerald gemstone or emerald cut diamond.

So, I will suggest you to also read about Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring and Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. This should help you clear any confusion that may arise.

Facets Pattern

Emerald diamond has Step Cut facets arrangement. The other facets arrangements are Modified Brilliant Cut (facets pattern radiates from the center of the stone towards the edge with triangular or kite shaped facets) and Mixed Cut (it adopts the Brilliant facets arrangement in crown and Step facets arrangement in pavilion).

The emerald shape has 50 to 58 facets and its crown and pavilion are shallow as compared to round shaped diamond. Due to this, luster and sparkle of stone reduces. But the large and open table of this shape makes the stone more elegant and enhances its clarity and color.

Emerald Diamond Facets Pattern
Emerald Diamond - Top and Bottom Facets' Pattern

I will suggest, while choosing an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, lot of emphasis should be given on clarity of stone. This is because even a slightest of imperfections is easily visible in emerald shaped diamond (in general in any step cut diamond).

Note that there can be variation in emerald shape, from square to rectangle depending on the shape of original stone. You should check the length to width ratio of the stone while considering buying an emerald diamond. The classic emerald diamond has length to width ratio of 1.50.

Emerald Diamond Size Ratio
Emerald Diamond - Length to Width Ratio

However these days, people at times prefer nearly square shaped emerald diamond. If you are for square emerald shape diamond, then other options are princess cut or asscher cut diamond as they have similar looks.

Princess Diamond Asscher Diamond
Princess Diamond Asscher Diamond

Now, don’t confuse. Let me explain you the difference between these three so that as an informed buyer you can easily differentiate between them:

  • Emerald Shape: Emerald diamonds have rectangular (or square) shape with slightly truncated corners.
  • Asscher Shape: Asscher diamonds has square shape with deeply truncated corners. Read asscher cut diamond for more details.
  • Princess shape: Princess diamond has square shape with sharp edges and corners (without any truncation). Read princess shaped diamond for more details.


An emerald shaped diamond is as versatile as its round shaped cousin, and can be set in various settings. Since its corners are truncated, there is not much risk of edges getting damaged during stone mounting process.

In step cut diamonds, refraction of light is comparatively less as compared to round shape. So, I do not prefer Bezel or Channel setting as these settings further diminish light refraction.

Following are the widely used settings for emerald diamond:

  • Prong Setting: 4 prong setting is the most popular setting in the emerald cut diamond engagement ring. It gives stability to the stone along with protecting its corners.
Emerald Diamond 4 Prong Setting
Emerald Diamond - 4 Prong Setting
  • 3 Stone Ring Setting: If you are an admirer of geometrical lines, you can pair core emerald diamond with two Baguettes. Using baguettes as side stones is a great way to show-off the center stone by highlighting it in emerald cut diamond rings. Read more about Three Stone Diamond Rings.
Emerald Diamond 3 Stone Setting
Emerald Diamond - 3 Stone Setting
  • Vintage Style Setting: If you want to add an heirloom flavor to emerald shape, then get it set in vintage setting. This ring style was quite popular in art deco period (during 1920’s and 1930’s) during when geometrical shapes were very prominent. You can easily find emerald shaped diamonds in jewelry designs of 1950’s and 1970’s as well. You may also read about vintage diamond engagement rings.
  • Side Stone Setting: Emerald shaped diamond looks beautiful with accent stones. These diamonds can be paired with round shape diamonds, smaller emerald diamonds or baguettes.
Emerald Diamond Side Stone Setting
Emerald Diamond - Side Stone Setting
  • Horizontal Setting: Horizontal setting makes the stone appear bigger and blends with the horizontal lines of the ring band. This setting also makes the ring stylish and unique.
Emerald Diamond Horizontal Setting
Emerald Diamond - Horizontal Setting

Is the Emerald Shaped Diamond the Right Choice?


Emerald diamond is generally less expensive than round diamond of same weight and quality. This is because there is less wastage while cutting of emerald shaped diamond as compared to round shape. Now, you may be wondering how is this possible.

Well, it’s due to the fact that emerald shape diamond is quite closely similar to the shape of the original rough diamond. Due to this, there is comparatively less wastage in producing an emerald shaped stone. Therefore, this leads to reduced cutting effort and cost which ultimately is reflected in its price.

Due to ample supply of large emerald rough stones, for the given carat weight, large emerald diamonds are generally priced lower than similar quality diamonds of other shapes.

The most classic elongated shape gives the illusion of bigger diamond than its actual carat weight. This gives enough driving space to spend on ring designs and side stones rather than just on center stone.

Since emerald is an even and balanced shape, it is used in pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are also very popular.

Let me tell you, if you are intending to use emerald in Chandelier Earrings or set of emerald (necklace), then total cost could be high. This is because sorting and sourcing of matching pairs or sets of emeralds is a labor intensive process which can raise the price.

Trendy, Unique and Sophisticated

If you want something trendy, unique and sophisticated then emerald shape will surely fit your requirement.

If you have long and slender fingers then emerald diamond ring should perfectly blend with your fingers. However, if you have relatively stocky fingers then it may not suit you.

But, the most important criterion that really matters is your choice. If you really want to have it, then go for it and make it your priced possession :).


If you want a traditional engagement ring then consider emerald shaped diamond ring. Rings with emerald diamonds were quite popular during art deco period.

Vintage or vintage inspired emerald diamond pieces are easily available in market. You can also customize those according to your taste.

Celebrities’ Choice

Emerald shaped diamond has been popular among people and celebrities of all ages, and I am sure will never go out of fashion. There are quite a number of celebrities who have flaunted emerald diamond rings in past and present.

Beyonce with Emerald Diamond Ring Eva Longoria with Emerald Diamond Ring

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