Indian Jewelry - Changing Times

Indian Jewelry - Old world grandeur with contemporary sparkle

The land of vibrant culture and heritage, India has long been known for its rich tradition of art and jewelry. Since the time immemorial, richly decorated jewelry has played a very important role in the Indian culture.

Indian Jewelry

There is long list of famous jewels and heavy jewelry that Indian royals and nobles have donned in the past - you may read Royal Indian Jewelry to know more about some of the legendary jewels from fascinating jewelry box of India.

Do you know, in India a jewelry is not just piece of adornment that is worn to spruce up ones style quotient? Every Indian traditional jewelry has a meaning associated and specific health significance behind it. Traditionally, jewelry in Indian culture is not just meant for display, it's sported for curative reasons as well.

Hand-crafted Jewelry Styles

There are numerous unique jewelry styles that originated in India during different period of time. The making processes of many of these require very fine and expert craftsmanship - be it Kundan jewelry Or Temple jewelry which are very much in trend these days. However, unlike contemporary jewelry styles, both kundan and temple jewelry styles employ ancient jewelry-making techniques and are completely hand-made.

If you compare with today's era of machine-made jewelry, making process of handcrafted designer jewelry may appear very time consuming, but then it's the hand-making techniques that bring to life a personalized piece of jewelry. After all, if you want a timeless piece you need to give time to it, isn't it!

Indian Weddings - Jewelry is no less than a ritual

When we talk of Indian wedding and bridal fashion, it will be wrong not to mention bridal jewelry. Indian brides are ceremoniously decorated in jewelry, and according to Indian tradition, jewelry and ornaments given to bride is considered "stridhan" - meaning property of bride - that act as a back-up during any difficult financial times. It's sort of investment for future, while being her fashion statement at the time of her wedding.

In olden days, emphasis was given more on the simplicity, durability and resale value of jewelry, with focus being more towards ethnic and chunky design. However, for today's more independent and self-earning brides, resale value of jewelry has taken the back-seat with her main aim being - how to dazzle and look exceptional on her wedding day in those beautiful jewels. You must also read Tips on India Bridal Jewelry.

Changing Trend

Indian Jewelry with changing times

With changing times and going by taste of present day generation, you may have also observed that Indian bridal jewelry trends and styling have also drastically shifted. Now, the brides look for more innovative and exclusive designer jewelry that are very much in vogue.

Today's tech-savvy and well-informed crop of jewelry buyers understand the fine craftsmanship of jewelry, and are always on the hunt for something really unique to make themselves standout among the crowd. Simply said, current breed is just not content with regular designs.

Courtesy internet and endless sources of information, global trends have added a contemporary flavor to the Indian traditional jewelry. Also, thanks to movies, daily soaps and celebrities, Indian jewelry is getting the renewed exposure bringing it back in fashion and demand.

For example, earlier colorful and classic Navaratan Jewelry - with definite meaning and benefits apart from awesome looks - was meant only for the elders. But, now the younger generation also appreciates the beauty of gemstone jewelry which is very much in their wishlist.

So accordingly, jewelers are also introducing special Indian jewelry collections keeping the smart and well-aware buyers of today in mind - after all what sells should be on the shelf.

Indian jewelry is a huge topic in itself, and few articles on it will not do the full justice to the vast subject. However, you may click the links provided above in this article to have a peek into fascinating Indian jewelry. There are so many things to know and discover!

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