Diamond and Emerald Engagement Rings

Diamond and Emerald Engagement Rings are the perfect choice for those who have the fascination for green color.

Vintage diamond and emerald engagement ring

Meaning of Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald is a wonderful and a valuable gemstone. It’s a birthstone for month of May. So, if you or your love is May born then it gives you another reason to think about diamond and emerald engagement rings.

Emerald has long been associated with fertility and rebirth. This jewel is dedicated to Venus (the goddess of love and beauty). This gem was believed to bestow on its wearer faithfulness and unchanging love, thus making it a perfect choice for a beautiful engagement ring.

Nowadays, marketing companies have floated the concept that if your love has green eyes, then emerald engagement ring should be your choice. However, in my opinion, color of eyes doesn’t matter. Love in eyes matter! If you feel emerald engagement ring will blend with your partner's overall personality go for it, irrespective of her eyes' color.

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Go Green

The finest-quality of emerald has the color of fresh young green grass. Sometimes, it has an almost pure spectral green with a very faint tint of blue as in the finest emeralds from Colombia.

The most desired color is an intense grass green which is considered very valuable, even when visible inclusions are present in the faceted gem. Flawless emeralds are rare, so the flaws have come to serve almost as "fingerprints", while flawless emeralds are an immediate suspect.

Color of emerald can highly influence its price, so take this factor into consideration while shopping for emerald engagement ring.

Emerald is very sensitive to pressure and banging, that's why the well-known "emerald cut" was developed specifically for this gem to reduce the amount of pressure during cutting.

Emerald cut became quite popular, and emerald cut diamond engagement rings with bolder look became a style statement. Prong Setting looks beautiful with stones in this cut.

Emerald-cut Emerald in prong setting (Courtesy gemvara.com)

Popular among Divas

Emerald was the biggest fancy of Queen Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore, all screen divas were intrigued by beauty of emerald. Among the royals, the Duchess of Windsor and Jacquelin Kennedy both wore emerald engagement rings.

Add your Personal Touch

Did you noticed, how girls were impressed when news came that how Brad Pitt had designed engagement ring for Angelina Jolie? So, now it’s your turn to charm your girlfriend and create your own engagement ring.

With emeralds you can create either a vintage-looking engagement ring or a contemporary engagement ring depending on your partner’s taste. Vintage emerald engagement rings looks extremely beautiful.

Green color of emerald blends beautifully with the yellow gold of a vintage emerald engagement ring.

However, if you have inclination towards white metal, then you can very well ask your jeweler to set your vintage emerald engagement ring in platinum or white gold.

You can choose emerald as center stone, surrounded by small diamonds in prong or pave setting. Or you can go for symbolic 3 stone diamond and emerald engagement rings by setting emerald as center stone accented by diamonds or vice-versa.

(Courtesy gemvara.com)

Things to Remember

  • Although, emerald is quite hard (Mohs Scale hardness: 7.5 – 8.0), it is equally brittle and can chip easily. So, utmost care should be taken when wearing, handling or cleaning diamond and emerald engagement rings. Emerald may develop internal cracks if banged hard or if subject to extreme temperature change. Emerald engagement ring should be removed while doing any heavy activity with your hands.
  • Emeralds that are treated to mask internal flaws should neither be cleaned with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner nor subjected to steam cleaning. This cleaning method may remove the oil from cracks and expose the hidden internal flaws.
  • The use of oil and epoxy resins filler treatment are considered acceptable practices in gem industry, but be sure the price reflects the actual quality of the stone. So, ask the jeweler if any enhancement technique has been used on the stone. If yes, it should be priced accordingly.
  • Be especially cautious of bargains; deal with reputable jewelers when planning to purchase an emerald engagement ring. Do remember to verify your purchase by a qualified gemologist or an appraiser.

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