Oval Diamonds

The Oval Diamonds were first designed by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960’s and as the name suggests, these diamonds have got oval shape.

Top and Side views

Facets Pattern

Top and Bottom Facets' Pattern

Just like Marquise Diamond, oval shaped diamond also falls under category of Modified Brilliant Cut with 58 facets. Variation in the pavilion is allowed with 4, 6 or 8 pavilion main facets.

In terms of brilliance and fire, oval shaped diamonds stand at par with round shaped diamonds. So, it can be a good option when someone wants fire of round shape but with some unique touch.

Usually, the length to width ratio of oval shaped diamonds ranges from 1.33 to 1.66.

Length to Width Ratio

Due to its elongated shape, oval shaped stone has an advantage that it creates an illusion of bigger size than what the actual size of diamond is.

Oval Diamond Ring Settings

Oval shaped diamonds do not have sharp edges. So, there is no fear of easy chipping or damage to stone. Also, an even and symmetrical oval stone can be quite versatile which can be set in following settings:

  • Prong Setting: 6 prong setting looks beautiful on oval shaped diamond and it provides safety to diamond as well.

Oval Diamond Ring - 6 Prong Setting

  • Bezel Setting: Bezel setting provides maximum safety to the stone by covering the whole outer boundary of stone. Bezel setting provides much needed safety to the center stone. You can easily wear this ring doing your daily chores without worrying about your diamond being damaged.

Oval Bezel Set Diamond Ring (Courtesy amazon.com)

Oval Diamond Ring - Side Stone Setting (Courtesy amazon.com)

But, I will suggest not choosing big round diamonds as side stones, as brilliance of round diamond can diminish the visible brilliance of center oval stone. However you can choose smaller round diamonds in pave setting as side stones with bigger oval as main center stone. This will highlight the center oval stone.

As shown in this image of side pave setting of small round diamonds, you can choose your center stone according to your choice which can be diamond or any other gemstone. Whatever you choose, this band will highlight it in best possible way!

Oval Diamond Ring - Side Pave Setting (Courtesy amazon.com)

Darker Side of this Beauty - Bow-tie Effect

Like most fancy shaped diamonds, oval shaped diamonds also suffer from Bow-tie Effect. When the diamond is not cut properly then a bow-tie shaped shadow (dark area) appears on diamond which is easily visible through unaided eye. It adversely affects the overall brilliance and clarity of diamond.

Oval Diamond - Bow-tie Effect

This flaw can be judged only by visual inspection as it is not mentioned in diamond certificates.

Is the Oval Cut Diamond the Right Choice?


Price of oval is generally less than round shape diamond. This is because there is less wastage while cutting of oval shaped diamond as compared to round shape. Now, you may ask how there is less wastage in cutting of oval diamonds.

Well, it’s due to the fact that oval (or any other fancy shape) diamond is usually cut out of similar shaped rough stone. While, round diamond can be cut from rough of any shape. Due to this, there is comparatively less wastage in cutting of fancy shaped stones.

Since oval in an even and balanced shape it is widely used in pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Oval cut engagement rings are also very popular.

Nowadays, due to upward trend in demand, its price is on increase. Also, if you are intending to use oval in matching pairs (earrings) or set of ovals (necklace), then total cost could be high.

This is because sorting and sourcing of matching pairs or sets of ovals is a labor intensive process which can raise the price.

Celebrities’ Choice

Oval shaped diamond ring is quite popular with celebrities. Prince Charles chose an oval blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring for his fiancee, Princess Diana. History repeated again when Prince William gave Kate Middleton the same famous ring. Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes a 5 carat oval shaped diamond ring.

Sparkle and Uniqueness

Oval diamonds have fire and brilliance similar to round brilliant diamonds, but with this shape you have something different and unique other than classic round shape.

If you have small fingers then oval shape will blend nicely without bringing undesired attention to your fingers and give elegant and slender look to your hands. Though, it will also depend on your personal choice.

Daily Wear and Tear

Since the edge of oval shaped diamond is not pointed and sharp, you can easily wear it daily while performing your daily chores and without worrying about damaging your diamond ring. But you can’t be so liberal with marquise shape, as its edges are sharp and pointed and can get chipped while doing heavy works.

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