Radiant Diamond

Radiant diamond was designed and created by a craftsman named Henry Grossbard in 1977. It is considered to be father of "branded" fancy shaped diamonds. It is combination of elegance of Emerald Shaped and brilliance of Round Shaped diamond.

Radiant Diamond

Radiant Diamond

Facets Pattern

Radiant shape is the only square shaped diamond where brilliant cut facets pattern (instead of step cut facets pattern) is applied on both crown and pavillion. This facets arrangement gives radiant cut dazzling sparkle like round shaped diamond.

Radiant cut diamond can have 70 facets (25 on crown, 8 on girdle and 37 on the pavilion) or 62 facets (25 on crown, 8 on girdle and 29 on the pavilion).

This shape has maximum number of facets as compared to any other shape. More number of facets enhances reflection and refraction of light which creates brilliance and fire effect.

Due to its brilliant cut facets arrangements, flaws are not so easy to spot especially when viewed through naked eye. So, you can go easy on clarity of radiant stones. Instead, more considerations can be given to color and carat weight of radiant.

Radiant Diamond Facets Pattern

Radiant Shape - Top and Bottom Facets' Pattern

The length to width ratio will depend on your choice. If you have liking for rectangular shape then it can be 1.5 and if you like somewhat square shape then ratio can be 1.2 to 1.3. If you want perfect square look then you can go for ratio of 1 to 1.05.

Radiant Diamond Length to Width Ratio

Radiant Shape - Length to Width Ratio

Radiant cut is the very popular shape for fancy colored diamonds. The shape, proportioning and facets arrangements of radiant intensify the color and allow even display of color throughout the diamond, thus displaying the color to its best.

Darker Side of this Beauty

Rectangular Radiant cut diamond like most elongated fancy shaped diamonds, also suffers from Bow-tie Effect.

When the diamond is not cut properly then a bow-tie shaped shadow (dark area) appears on diamond. It affects the overall brilliance and clarity of diamond. You can easily see this through unaided eye.

This flaw can be judged only by visual inspection as it is not mentioned in diamond certificates. Bow-tie Effect is also visible in pear shape, marquise shape and fancy oval shape diamond.

Radiant Diamond Bowtie Effect

Radiant Shape - Bowtie Effect


Radiant shaped diamonds have become quite popular these days and look lovely when set as center stone in engagement rings or in pendants. But, it is not as versatile as its round-shaped cousin. Below are the common settings for radiant stone:

  • Prong Setting: This is the most popular setting for radiant cut diamonds. It’s generally set in 4 prongs. This gives stability to the stone as well as protects its corners.
Radiant Diamond Prong Setting

Radiant Shape - Prong Setting

  • 3 Stones Ring Setting: If you love geometrical lines, you can pair your center Radiant cut diamond with either of two Baguettes, Trillion or Princess. Using these as side stones is a great way to show off the center stone by highlighting it in your Radiant cut diamond rings. Read about Three Stone Jewelry.
Radiant Diamond 3 Stone Setting

Radiant Diamond - 3 Stones Setting

  • Side Stone Setting: Radiant looks beautiful with small accent stones (like round, emerald, trillion or baguette shaped diamonds).
Radiant Diamond Sidestone Setting

Radiant Diamond - Side Stone Setting

Is the Radiant Diamond My Choice?


If you want a unique shape but don’t want to compromise on brilliance then radiant can be your choice. Brilliant style faceting pattern provides great sparkle so you can have unique shape with lots of brilliance.

Appears Big

Due to its shallow cutting style, radiant stone appears bigger than what the actual diamond is.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike few other fancy shaped diamonds, radiant shape doesn’t have sharp pointed corners. Thus, it’s not as delicate and vulnerable as other shapes with pointed corners. So, you can wear your radiant diamond ring daily without worrying about it getting chipped or damage.

Celebrities' Choice

Jennifer Lopez was presented with 6 carat fancy pink color radiant diamond by Ben Affleck. Khloe Kardashian received her engagement ring from NBA star Lamar Odom. It’s a 9 carat radiant cut diamond with a pave setting band. Disney Princess Hilary Duff received million dollar Radiant cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

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