Purchased Diamond Ring Without Certificate

by Devesh
(Surat, Gujarat, India)

Here I will share my experience when I was simply screwed-up by a jeweler who sold me inferior quality diamond.

It was our 5th anniversary and I thought to surprise my wife with a diamond ring. It was the first time that I was buying diamond on my own without my wife being involved (she is the one who asks several questions to jeweler while buying :-)).

I told the jeweler about my budget and accordingly he showed me several rings. Finally, I selected a ring with a big round diamond in center surrounded by smaller ones. Jeweler told me ring had diamonds with VVS2 clarity and ‘F’ color shade.

My wife really liked the ring but was surprised to know that I didn’t ask the jeweler for diamond certificate. Frankly speaking, due to my lack of experience I completely forgot to get the diamond certificate.

Anyways, we decided to get it certified from IDI (Indian Diamond Institute). Contrary to what jeweler had specified, IDI certificate mentioned that diamond actually had SI clarity and 'I' color shade.

So, we went to jeweler and showed him the IDI certificate. Unexpectedly, he reacted by saying certificate was false and we don’t trust him. But, we were firm on our stand. After all, diamond was certified by a reputed institute.
Finally, after much argument and to avoid creating any scene, he returned our money back.

Now, I have understood that it is better do your homework before buying jewelry or take your wife along :-).

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Oct 26, 2015
True information is shared
by: Hamlin

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Aug 11, 2013
only buy with certs!
by: Paul

That's the reason why consumers should always request a certificate from a reliable lab like GIA or AGS. Ditch the others.


May 24, 2011
Tools required for grading diamonds
by: Megha

Hello Rosemarry,

Practically, it’s just not possible to differentiate between diamonds with unaided eye. Even with years of experience, it’s out of question.

Without any tool, it is very difficult to tell the difference in clarity, cut and color of diamonds. In fact, it is difficult to differentiate between even a real diamond and a simulant with unaided eye.


May 24, 2011
Judging diamonds unaided
by: Rosemarry

I'm just curious that can jewelers or people who have been in industry for long time can tell the difference between two diamonds by bare eyes.
Meaning can they differentiate between color shades and clarity of diamonds by just looking at them without any aid.And tell which is better and difference in their price.
If you feel its an inappropriate question please don't answer.


May 22, 2011
Buy with Certificate
by: Ajay

Hi Devesh,
Your wife is correct in saying that you should always ask for certificate before buying.
Before deciding on which jewelry to choose one should make it a point to ask jeweler that do they provide certificate along with jewelry. By asking about certificate in advance will give the jeweler a hint that you know what you buying.
If he does not provide certificate, leave that jeweler, always buy with certificate.

May 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

How can a jeweler fool the customers even after knowing that customers are also becoming smarter day by day. In this case, Devesh's wife was smart enough to correct his mistake. Wife community please note this :-).

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