Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings - My Amazon Picks Below $500

This article is especially for those who are searching for cheap diamond engagement rings - specifically diamond engagement rings below $500.

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

A diamond engagement ring doesn't mean one has to splurge on it without giving consideration to pocket. Truly speaking, an engagement ring is symbolic of love and commitment, so its price should not be the measure of how much a man loves his lady. Actually, it's the emotion and compassion towards each other, which is the crucial cog of any relationship.

If your wallet is deep enough for high-end and hefty-priced engagement rings, then of course you have nothing to worry. However, if budget is an issue, then also there is nothing to concern about.

Friend, in this vast universe, there is abundance for everyone. So, let-go the anxiety! If your finances are tight but still want to present her with a gorgeous engagement ring, you always have an option to choose from cheap diamond engagement rings which are easily available in market.

Don't feel embarrassed of word "cheap". In today's slowing economy and stiff financial times, what's wrong in going for cheaper alternatives to save money for future! So, I have listed below my favorite diamond engagement rings from Amazon, that are priced below $500.

I am not too sure of sales volume of high-end jewelry on Amazon, but I can safely say that, including me there are lot of people in my circle who have bought jewelry (worth less than $1000) from Amazon at least once in their life-time.

With their trusted return policy, I have always felt secured while purchasing any item - including jewelry - from Amazon. Also note that, since Amazon directly purchases from diamond importers and sells straight to the consumers, their prices are quite reasonable and competitive. Actually, in terms of jewelry inventory and service, they are among the top online jewelry retailers.

OK, enough of talking, let's get back to my top 5 choices in cheap diamond engagement rings from Amazon:

With swirl concept in trend these days, this delicate and elegant ring with modern interpretation will perfectly blend with style of today's women.

Core diamond is doubly secured with prong setting and swirl band, which is beautifully woven with channel set stones. Absence of sharp edges makes is ideal for everyday wear.

With diamond Color/Clarity as H-I/I1-I2, ring is reasonably priced. It will be a nice option if you are for something delicate and sophisticated.

Halo setting makes this engagement ring completely trendy and mod with shoulder blings adding an extra sparkle to it. It will gracefully suit a dainty and tender fingers.

However, due to hollow metal band, wearer will have to avoid direct impact on any hard surface to prevent deformation of band. Also, pitted band will be prone to get dirty, so will need regular cleaning.

In all, this delicately designed ring will fit your need if you can take a bit of extra care.

What can be more romantic than a morganite set in rose gold encircled by diamonds! Morganite - also called stone of Divine Love - is a light-toned peach-colored gemstone, therefore apt for an engagement ring.

Morganite is safely set in sturdy looking prong setting, offsetting morganite's brittle nature. Center stone is bedecked with diamonds adding more dazzle to the ring.

While being low in cost, it is definitely high in style, and for me it's winner at this price!

Primary black diamond is safely set in prong setting with small pave set accent diamonds lined in a designer pattern.

It's 3.56 grams in sterling silver, making it durable enough for daily wear. Combination of black diamond and sterling silver spells a contrasting effect, giving it a trendy and distinctive look.

If you want to wrap up your search with a unique piece, this ring can surely grace your jewelry box.

If you fancy vintage jewelry then this beautifully crafted art deco style diamond and ruby engagement ring should complement your taste.

Ruby is richly decorated with surround of diamond, imparting a bold contrast with a classy edge. This ring perfectly captures the essence of Art Deco with pattern of negative space rendering the bold and lively air to it.

Although it has only 0.12 ct diamonds, these are so well-placed that ring appears much expensive than it is. Overall, it's a stylishly designed ring embracing a nice finish, and worth a purchase at this price.

For more options in cheap diamond engagement rings, you may visit

Finally, my last piece of advice. Don't just run after price tag to show-off how expensive engagement ring you have bought for her, or how extravagant your engagement ring is.

It's the meaning associated with an engagement ring that matters most. As a couple, if you both are practical and considerate, I am sure you will understand - value of engagement ring is not with its price, it's the priceless feelings attached to it that makes it valuable.

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