Choosing a Diamond Ring - Tips for Your Help

For many buyers, choosing a diamond ring simply means picking up a pretty looking piece without paying enough thought on their respective needs. However as always, ring buying is not just about picking a sparkling piece of jewelry and moving on.

Choosing a diamond ring

As a ring buyer, you must put forth more than a few considerations while buying the piece that you will cherish forever.

In this article, I will tell you what all important points you must ponder to get the best and most suitable ring that will be your life-long treasure.

Attraction is the First Step in the Journey of Love

Irrespective of value on offer, there is no point choosing a diamond ring if it doesn't appeals you. Because, if you yourself is not fascinated by its looks, naturally you will not be able to carry it with confidence. Make sure it looks equally attractive from all angles and not just from top.

Little bit of Flattering is Always Refreshing

Even if a ring may look pretty and attracting, it may not necessarily look good and flattering on you.

  • If you have small hand and short fingers, then a huge and broad ring will not blend with your fingers, making them appear shorter. In this case, you can wear a simple ring with thin band or choose a ring with stones lined diagonally across or along the length of your finger.
  • For long and broad hands, a small-looking ring will tend to make them look bigger and broader. So, it's advisable to go with a larger version.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have an average-sized hand, then almost any ring will look good on your hand. But, don't go overboard by wearing an over-sized ring as it will defeat the advantage of your ideal-sized hand.

No use of Beauty if it's out of place!

While choosing a diamond ring, think about its suitability. It's your daily lifestyle that should decide whether it will fit your requirement or not. If you are going to wear it everyday or for business purpose, then go for a simple style. Keep following points in mind while considering appropriateness:

  • Is should be easy to clean if you are going to wear it daily.
  • It should combine well with your other jewelry if you are planning to wear them together.
  • If you have an active lifestyle then you can probably go for a matte finish diamond ring, as scratches will be less noticeable in it.
  • Ring's mounting style should be sturdy enough to withstand daily wear. If mounting is not strong enough then stone will always be prone to damage.

Craftsmanship is about Hand and Brain working in tandem

This is the another factor that must be considered during the process of choosing a diamond ring. You must judge the overall craftsmanship of the ring before taking the final decision.

  • Pay special attention to its setting because this is what that holds the stone, and if there is any flaw in setting then stone will be highly susceptible to falling. Also, improper setting will not look good to eye.
  • If it's a prong setting, then ensure that diamond is properly held in a seat (groove in prong), otherwise diamond will not remain stable and well-supported.
  • Channel setting should be straight and does not appear uneven.
  • Solder joints shouldn't be visible.
  • Inside of ring should be smooth, scratch-free and without any rough finishing.

Comfort comes with Peace of Mind

  • Avoid rings with pointed and sharp-edged mountings as it can injure you or damage your clothes. The portion of ring that protrudes out can snag in clothes tearing it and causing discomfort.
  • Ensure that the center diamond of ring doesn't sway to the side when you move your hand. This happens if the center stone is too big, and can be rectified by having a wider band. However, you must check further with jeweler if problem still persists with wide band.
  • Verify you are able to bend your finger without any discomfort. This can be due to wide band which can also cause skin irritation due to collection of moisture and dirt under band.
  • Find out if there is any pricking due to bottom of center stone. It can happen due to too low mounting of center piece.

Diamond ring is not just a piece of rock fixed to a metal band. It's a symbol of purity and eternity, and an artwork that you will wear and adore for your life. Therefore, while choosing a diamond ring, above things should be kept in mind, so that you can cherish and treasure it forever.

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