Diamond Ring Buying Guide - By Renee Newman

Buying a diamond ring (or for that matter any diamond jewelry) is a special event, and is not as easy as it looks to be.

Purchasing a diamond ring will undoubtedly be your one of the most momentous jewelry-related decision, and if you get the best buy possible then your ring will be no less than a memorable purchase.

So, as a diamond buyer it is imperative for anyone to have the basic knowledge of diamond. This will help you in choosing the right diamond ring that fits your requirement and go with your budget.

Now, this is where Diamond Ring Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, and Select Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry (Newman Gem & Jewelry Series) will come as quite handy. Even my hubby - who is completely novice in the field of diamond and jewelry - found this book thoroughly easy to understand with proper explanation of jargon.

About Author

Renee Newman is a respected and renowned gemologist with enough experience in pricing and evaluating gemstones and jewelry. Her gem and jewelry books are used throughout the world as consumer buying guides, sales training tools, and references for jewelry professional.

Written in clear and easy-to-understand English, with lots of colored photographs, the book has step-by-step information on how to evaluate diamonds and settings.

In my opinion, it's a very well-researched book with systematic explanations of terms and techniques, that must surely induce confidence in an amateur buyer.

Review of Diamond Ring Buying Guide

Diamond Ring Buying Guide offers tips on:

  • Diamond Quality Evaluation
  • Diamond Treatments
  • Ring Styles
  • Gold, platinum and palladium
  • Platinum and Palladium v/s White Gold Jewelry
  • How to detect fakes
  • Fancy Colored Diamonds
  • Choosing an appropriate Setting Style
  • Smart way of diamond buying
  • Buying custom-made rings and jewelry

Usually, buyers just consider 4Cs and information provided in mini gem-lab report, and tend to overlook the other price-determining factors. The book gives the detailed description of various factors (along with and other than 4Cs) on which price of diamond depends. Diamond Ring Buying Guide presents author's opinion and recommendations on:

  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Jewelry other than Bridal Rings
  • Diamonds bought for possible Investment or Resale

Often, jewelers describe concept of shape and cutting styles in one term. This book provides comprehensive illustration of different diamond cutting styles, its effect on price of diamond, how to judge cut quality of diamond with Eye (instead of with Numbers), and tips to consider while evaluating diamonds for color.

Which diamond shape is best for you? Book answers this question by describing some of the factors that must be considered while determining the best shape.

Anyone - even experts - can be fooled by diamond imitations (simulants). Diamond Ring Buying Guide has a dedicated chapter on Diamond Imitations, that explains various tests that a diamond buyer must perform to reduce chances of being fooled. The book also describes synthetic diamonds (lab-grown), and clues used to spot lab-grown diamonds.

So, with detailed guidelines on how to select a diamond ring, in my opinion this book is truly a consumer guide. With the information provide in this book, a buyer will be able to make a smart and wise choice, making the diamond purchase altogether an unforgettable experience.

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