Know the difference between a "conflict diamond" and a blood diamond.

by Sean Clinton

Cut & polished blood diamonds fund war crimes in Palestine

Cut & polished blood diamonds fund war crimes in Palestine

While all "conflict diamonds" are blood diamonds not all blood diamonds are "conflict diamonds".

"Conflict diamonds" are defined by the discredited Kimberley Process as "rough diamonds used by rebel movements or their allies to fund violence aimed at undermining legitimate governments".

While there is no legal definition of a blood diamond most people would agree that any diamonds associated with gross human rights violations are blood diamonds.

When setting up the Kimberley Process system of self-regulations, the jewellery industry ensured that the regulations only applied to rough diamonds used by rebels thus allowing the far more lucrative trade in cut & polished diamonds to evade all human rights regulations. As a result of this sleight of hand the global diamond market is heavily contaminated with cut and polished blood diamonds.

Israel is one of the world's leading exporters of cut and polished diamonds. The diamond industry in Israel is a major source of funding for the Israeli military which stands accused of gross human rights violations including war crimes and possible crimes against humanity according to the UNHRC, AI and HRW.

Cut and polished blood diamonds from Israel generate about $1 billion annually for the Israeli military. Most leading jewellery outlets sell cut and polished blood diamonds from Israel and claim they are conflict-free simply because they are in compliance with the KP which doesn't monitor cut & polished diamonds.

During July and August 2014 Israeli forces attacked the defenseless besieged Gaza strip killing over 2000 people, mainly civilians including over 500 children. Despite the fact that revenue from the diamond industry helped fund the slaughter in Gaza the jewellery industry continues to allow these blood diamonds to masquerade as conflict-free diamonds.

For more information about the global trade in Israeli blood diamonds check out the following links.

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