Simulated Diamond Jewelry

Simulated Diamond Jewelry - The perfect alternative of expensive diamond jewelry.

We all love diamonds and there is no denying the fact that diamond is girl’s best friend. But, sometimes it so happens that we are not in position to spend on expensive diamond jewelry. So, what do we do? End up with no jewelry at all.

In that case diamond simulant jewelry can be a very good choice. Simulated version is dazzlingly beautiful with lots of sparkle just like diamond. The best part is simulated jewelry is pocket friendly too!

Some Facts

Technically speaking, diamond simulants are not diamonds. Simulants are used as replacement of diamonds because of their diamond-like appearance. Unlike diamond, simulants are not in pure carbon form, but composed of different compounds.

Simulants can be natural like Moissanite or lab created like Rhinestones, Cubic Zirconia (or CZ), or they can be combination of both. However, simulants have gemological properties similar to natural diamonds.

Similarity with Diamond

While hardness of diamond is 10 on Mohs Scale, moissanite’s hardness is in the range 8.5 - 9.25 and of CZ is in the range 8.3 - 10. Since, simulants have hardness close to that of diamond, they can be faceted just like natural diamonds. Brilliance and fire of simulants also matches to that of natural diamond.

Among the various diamonds simulants available, CZ rules the market as it is easily available at reasonable price. There are various companies offering diamond simulant jewelry.

Simulated Diamond Pendants

Since 1980, when Swarovski and Co started its mass production, CZ has become a household name. Today Swarovski jewelry is quite popular with its splendid designs and colorful jewelry.

Nowadays, diamond simulant rings and other simulant jewelry are available in different jewelry settings and styles and finishing just like real diamond jewelry.

Simulant jewelry is available at fraction of the cost of diamond jewelry. So, you can easily buy jewelry without compromising your other wishes. If you are not in mood to spend on diamond engagement ring then you can easily consider moissanite engagement ring or cubic zirconia engagement ring and then make the final call. Also note that gifting diamond simulants is a great way to surprise your loved ones.

Simulated Diamond Rings

Various jewelers are also selling simulated diamond jewelry online. You can try buying online, as the price will be lower because of the increased competition in the online market and you can also get wide range of jewelry.

But, before purchasing online, you should know Pros and Cons of online jewelry buying. Always, read reviews of the different companies in order to find one that matches your need and criteria.

If you are looking for beautiful sparkling jewelry in affordable price then trust me, simulated diamond jewelry is just right for you. So whatever your style or budget, you will find jewelry of your choice from wide variety of simulated diamond jewelry available in the market.

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