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Women Jewelry Boxes are not just for stockpiling jewelry, think of it as the storage of beautiful memories and treasure moments.

Women Jewelry Box

For a woman, her jewelry is not just a piece of object to beautify her. It's something that has a very high place in her life.

I have always maintained, jewelry for a woman is what feather is for a peacock. Only difference is, unlike peacock's feather, jewelry is not the part of her body.

No one can deny that for a woman her jewelry is the most prized possession. Be it the first brooch she got from her grand-mom or the recent cocktail ring she bought to "celebrate" her self.

It is something that she cherishes forever. Although it's a different matter that majority of women are never satiated with their jewelry collection - for them "more is always less" :)

So, wouldn't it make sense to keep jewelry properly and in the right manner to make it worth revering for life! But, unfortunately not every woman follow this simple rule.

When I ask my clients about how they store their jewelry, usually their answers are not satisfying. Most of them are simply unaware of the basic fact that if all jewelry pieces are just plunged in one box or bag, they will be always prone to scratch and damage.

Height of carelessness is when few of the creative beings say, they use snack-box type boxes for storing their jewelry. These type of people do all the hard-work while buying jewelry, but when it comes to maintenance it's just a trivial matter. They clearly don't understand the importance of jewelry boxes.

Now, this one may be questionable, but based on my experience I must say that if you are a married woman and keep your jewelry properly in an organized way, then it will be easier for you to convince your hubby to get the new piece for you. Or else, he may say if you are not able manage your present collection then what's the point of adding to the lot.

Choosing an Armoire Jewelry Box

A jewelry box has specialized storage for different jewelry pieces - like ring slots etc. If you have a huge collection of jewelry then it is always advisable to spend extra buck to get a big box - like  a jewelry armoire - with enough room for a large collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other accessories.

A jewelry armoire is a sort of cabinet that generally comes in two version:

  • Ground-standing: It is like a storage cupboard with doors opening in front, displaying necklaces hanging on hooks. It also has drawers with slots and sections for organizing rings and bracelets along with hooks for earrings. However, it may not be a suitable choice if you don't have a huge collection of ornaments or don't have enough floor space in your house.
Ground Standing Armoire Jewelry Box

Ground Standing Armoire Jewelry Box

  • Wall-mounted: These are designed to hang on wall, and are a nice option if you have a large collection but short of floor-space in your house. Its another benefit over ground-stood version is, your jewelry will be at eye-level and you will not be required to bend your back and knees to pick pieces you want to wear. Many of these come with mirror in front or inside - do I need to tell the advantage of a mirror for a woman!
Wall Mounted Armoire Jewelry Box

Wall Mounted Armoire Jewelry Box

Women Jewelry Boxes for Traveling

Once my sister was traveling to attend wedding of her friend and she had kept her precious jewelry in a handbag. This is again a common mistake that women often make. They may use jewelry box at home, but while traveling their precious jewelry has to again bear with usual boxes and bags.

Coming back to my sister's case, unfortunately stone from one of the necklace she was suppose to wear on the wedding day fell off. Obviously, this was always going to happen. Luckily for her, stone that fell was replaced with the similar one, but then luck also comes at a premium and is not very common.

What about if that neck-piece would have damaged beyond repair! So, I told her the importance of travelling jewelry boxes that are specifically meant for carrying jewelry while on the move. It's the smaller version of regular jewelry box and secures jewelry wonderfully while travelling.

Women Travel Jewelry Box

Women Jewelry Boxes on Amazon

Personally, I always feel comfortable with online buying and whenever and wherever possible I invariably rely on shopping from internet. But, it has to be from a well-known and trusted brand, not from any Tom, Dick and Harry.

So, when it comes to online brand-name and trust, none can beat Amazon - it's the world's biggest online marketplace. You just have to name the product and it's available on Amazon.

Therefore, I have listed below some women jewelry boxes from Amazon that I found useful and could be quite handy for storing your jewelry.

One dear friend of mine is a habitual jewelry buyer - be it real diamond pieces or imitations. Once when I was at her home, she showed me her new pair of earrings. But, unexpectedly for her, instead of noticing her ear jewel (it was surely a beautiful piece), I got caught up with her jewelry box (although not exactly meant for jewelry). I was just shocked to see that she had actually kept most of her lovely treasures in a plain old big box.

It was really very disappointing to see the way she was storing her magnificent collection. So, it was time for some lecture - after all she is my very close friend :) I explained to her that storing real jewelry and imitations together can damage each other. Thankfully, she understood her mistake and without delay ordered two separate women jewelry boxes for reals and imitations.

So, if you really love your then respect it and care it properly. The first step of which is to keep them safely and in an organized manner in a jewelry box. After all what's the point of not taking care now and paying the price later!

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