Guide to Explore Engagement Ring Options

Is a gift meant just for show-off, or should it be something worth cherishing?

Engagement ring is not about just a piece of metal and rock. It is something with a strong symbolic meaning, that is bound to be revered and adored forever. However, sadly for most buyers, choosing an engagement ring merely means picking up a beautiful piece without paying enough thought on wearer's personality, style and need.

Problem #1

What's the point of gifting an expensive engagement ring if the recipient herself doesn't find it suitable enough for daily wear. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in this situation if as a buyer you are not aware of what type of engagement ring will go best with your mate's overall fashion and lifestyle.

At stake - Recipient's overall satisfaction

Will it not be hurting if she doesn't like your gift?

Problem #2

Another important consideration is whether the engagement ring is worth its price. Most of the engagement ring shoppers are aware of this, but not many are aware of how to make sure the chosen engagement ring is worth its price. They simply don't know how to verify this.

At stake - Overall quality of the ring

Problem #3

For many people engagement ring is meant to be an expensive piece of jewelry, so they just go out of their way to badly hurt their bank balance, without realizing the fact that engagement ring is the symbol of love and commitment, and not for show-off of wealth. Value of an engagement ring is not by its price tag. It's the sentiments associated with it that matters most!

At stake - Your money


  • Wouldn't it be beneficial if you knew the trending engagement ring styles and which genre will blend and complement your lady's personality?
  • Wouldn't it be a great feeling of buying a ring without getting duped?
  • What about not falling in trap of salesperson and choosing the ring of your choice (not what salesperson tries to push forward)?
  • Wouldn't it be nice idea to save your hard-earned money by doing an intelligent shopping? Salesperson may try to impress upon you that conventional wisdom is so-and-so by trying emotional pitch, and may force you to shell-out more money. But, being a well-informed buyer you should be in a position to avoid being tricked.

"Guide to Explore Engagement Ring Options..." - A book to help buyers...

I came up with this book keeping the above problems and issues faced by buyers in mind. Following are its highlights that will give you a better picture of what you will learn through this book:

  • Explains most of the things and aspects about engagement rings - from its history to its modern styles.
  • Bag of information on classic as well as fancy-colored and fancy-shaped diamond engagement rings. Usually, people are not much aware of fancy-colored (non-white) and fancy-shaped (shapes other than round) diamonds. This book will enable you to think beyond traditional path.
  • Explains the suitability of fancy shaped and colored diamonds in engagement rings.
  • Tips and suggestions on how to choose engagement ring keeping need and style of the wearer in mind.
  • Tips on affordable ways of buying engagement ring without compromising on its overall appearance.
  • Tricks to create a celebrity look-alike engagement ring.

Knowledge gained from this book will surely help beginners and less-experienced buyers, while empowering them to take a balanced and educated decision during their engagement ring purchase.

Want to Take a Sneak Peek?

Have a look at few of the many topics that this book will cover:

Get your copy for further reading!

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You can read the Kindle edition of my book - "Guide to Explore Engagement Ring Options: Buy the Right Ring!" - on your Kindle device or your smartphone/laptop (using free Kindle App).

Read this book cover to cover. I am sure you will enjoy reading, and the knowledge gained will make you a more confident and intelligent ring buyer.

Last but not the least, you are most welcome to post your feedback and suggestion in the comment section of this page. I personally go through each comment and make sure to incorporate readers' valuable advice into my work.

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