Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Published Date: 29th Apr, 2012

Gifting your mom with diamond fine jewelry is a nice way to show her the gratitude for all she has done for you. After all, just like diamond, mother’s love for her children is "forever".

Mother's Day is around the corner (13th May), so why not grab this chance to celebrate motherhood and show your love and appreciation to the one you love.

There are wide varieties of Mother’s Day jewelry available in market which you can personalize it to make it unique and special. But, due to problem of plenty, you may get confused on what or what not to purchase. So, here I will give you some of the tips to make your diamond fine jewelry gift special:

  • You can engrave any personal message like "my mom the best" or her kids name or kids birthday. It will be a gift she will cherish forever.
  • You can choose charms necklaces or bracelets that depict her hobbies, and her personal style. Blue Nile has got some good collection of symbolic Charms. In fact you can add a new charm every mother’s day; it will be something she will look forward to every year. It can be a right hand diamond rings, diamond ring, bracelets, and diamond necklace or diamond stud earrings.
  • Although, it does matter that how expensive the diamond is, but what matters more is the expression of your love. Even a small diamond can very well show your love. Instead of traditional Mother’s Day flower bouquet, give her flower jewelry that will remain with her forever. Diamond flower earring and Diamond flower necklace are quite in trend.
  • Three Stone Jewelry (generally a ring, necklace or pendant) is the perfect Mother’s Day or special occasion gift that expresses the timelessness of your love. The three-stone diamond jewelry can have different meaning to different people. Gifting a three-stone ornament is a memorable way to say "I’ve always loved you", "I love you now", and "I’ll love you forever".
  • Heart is the symbol of love, so any heart jewelry is appropriate for your mother. You can consider diamond heart necklace, or heart shaped diamonds.
  • Your pocket doesn’t allow you to spend too much on diamonds? OK, don’t worry. You can try birthstone jewelry. Each birthstone has its own symbolic meaning, so choose a stone with a hue and sentiment you both can relate. Like ruby or garnet necklace or bracelet. Due to its relative abundance compared to other precious stones, garnet jewels are significantly more affordable and make a great gift.

Take-Home Lesson

Most important thing is to keep in mind the choice and taste for whom you are buying. Gift is meant for her and not for you. So, take clue from style of jewelry she wears. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Does she like diamond, gemstones or pearls?
  • What metal she prefers platinum, gold or silver?
  • Is she allergic to any particular metal?

After all, what would be the use of a silver jewelry gift if you later found out that she is allergic to silver? So, know these answers before buying your gift and make it special.

Find out what she is planning to purchase. If its pearl string she has been looking for a long time, surprise her with gifting her pearls. She will be touched by your gesture.

Educate yourself if you are buying diamonds for the first time; know about 4 Cs of diamond. Quality and Value of diamond is determined by four factors (C’s) where C’s stand for:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat
  • Clarity

Various jewelers are offering Mother’s Day jewelry, both online and offline. I recommend buying online from a reputed brand, as the prices will be lower because of the huge competition in online market and you can also get wide range of jewelry.

But, before purchasing online, you should know pros and cons of online jewelry buying. Always, read reviews of the different companies in order to find one that matches your need and criteria.

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