Unique Diamond Engagement Rings - My 11 Choices

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings - Why to fit into Stereotypes!

I have discussed a lot about regulars in engagement ring, so thought of why not covering something different, something one-of-its-kind.

Enough has been said about usual-styled engagement rings - that are very much in demand and trend. As a result, this topic popped-up.

Anyone can walk the conventional path, but not everyone has a confidence to tread a road less-traveled.

However, if you are free-spirited with a unique style quotient, I am sure, you will not mind seizing the day by adorning an uncommon engagement ring. After all, isn't an engagement ring reflection of ones personality!

Below, I have listed the images of exclusive and extraordinary diamond engagement rings, that in my opinion are really out-of-the-box, and capable of unleashing your bohemian-spirit. As the saying goes, "picture is worth thousand words", so this page is more about images than words!

OK, enough of lecture :-). I have listed below my 11 picks from web, which I feel are without doubt different in terms of overall style and make. Click images for enlarged view.

These ring images are just for illustration purpose, and there is no intention of copyright infringement. If you are its owner and want it to be removed from this page, feel free to let me know.

Unique Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring (Infusing old-world charm with budding flower of diamond and white sapphire)

Unique Citrine Diamond Engagement Ring

Citrine Diamond Engagement Ring (Heart-shaped citrine petals and diamond ovary woven on rose gold (Blue Nile))

Unique Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Engagement Ring (Double Crossover Ribbon Style ring trailed by round diamonds and baguettes)

Unique Human Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

Human Heart Diamond Engagement Ring (Diamond-studded arteries protruding out of marquise coronary artery and center diamond ventricle)

Unique Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring (Remarkable center pink pear with surround of rare fancy vivid pink diamonds)

Unique Snake Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Snake Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Diamond-studded snakes coiled around each other and carrying center stone on their head)

Unique Palladium Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Palladium Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (Japanese Mokume Gane styled non-etched palladium and sterling silver ring)

Unique Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

Rough Diamond Engagement Ring (What can be more unique than a superbly crafted raw diamond engagement ring!)

Unique Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring (Platinum triangular bezel setting with side-soldered 18K yellow gold ball accents)

Unique Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (Design inspired by Cello (a musical instrument) adding an element of exclusivity to it) copyright netgold.com

Unique Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (Exquisite princess cut diamond nucleus with orbiting blue and white diamond electrons) copyright netgold.com

So, don't get yourself fixated between traditional lines. Give an imaginative twist to your style and unlock your hidden persona by showcasing your real self!

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