Engagement Ring Rules - Is there any Golden Rule?

Engagement Ring Rules - Breaking rules require being aware of those.

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it embodies a couple's relationship. So, it should be looked upon accordingly, to honor the commitment it is the symbol of, and to revere it forever.

Engagement Ring Rules

In this article, you can make yourself aware of rules of engagement ring for:

  • Buying
  • Wearing
  • Guys
  • Post breakup

Rules for Buying an Engagement Ring

Traditional belief (especially in western countries) is that a groom-to-be must spend his 1-3 months' salary on engagement ring. But let me tell you, this is all nonsense!

I am sure you would be intelligent enough to understand the reason behind this marketing gimmick. There is nothing wrong in buying an expensive engagement ring, but it should not be at the cost of hurting your finances.

If your lady is of a romantic breed, then she may expect you to follow the usual tradition of gifting engagement ring to fiancee. However, nowadays I have seen many women with view that there is nothing wrong in sharing the cost of engagement ring with their men.

I see this as a very practical and far-sighted viewpoint, which can help in forming a foundation for a healthy financial future.

Besides price of engagement ring, you must also consider the taste, style and personality of your fiancee. This becomes important if you want to add an element of surprise by gifting her a prized token of love, without even a hint of what you are planning for her. Give an equal importance to ring size and quality of stone. For more, you may read how to buy an engagement ring.

Rules for Wearing an Engagement Ring

Well, there are no fixed rules to wear an engagement ring. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference of wearer. However, it may not be a bad idea to be aware of traditional ways of wearing an engagement ring before, during and after the wedding.

Most couples feel engagement is not "official" without a ring, and until the woman is wearing it regularly. On the other hand, for some couples wedding band is must and sufficient as acknowledgement of marriage.

If you are recently-engaged and soon getting wed, you should have a knowledge of how to wear both - engagement ring and wedding band. Wearing in a right fashion will serve to inform the public of your marital status.

Before marriage, you can wear your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand. During the wedding ceremony, you can take out the engagement ring from left hand and place it on ring finger of right hand, and get your wedding band placed on ring finger of left hand.

Engagement Ring Rules for Guys

Male engagement rings are yet to catch up the trend (or even take-off). A 2011 XO Group survey found that only 5% of men currently wear an engagement ring. However, there is no denying for men to have engagement ring for them as well, after all gender equality is the buzzword of modern times. Why should only one get a ring!

A male engagement ring is "usually something tasteful without being super-ornate" says Susan Hayes, president of Los Angeles–based antiqueJewelryMall.com. Unlike women's jewelry, a male engagement ring is not about drawing attention. With a simple look, men's engagement rings are often made with tougher metals to be more durable.

Where is it worn? H.Samuel advises "first on the ring finger of the left hand and then transferred to the ring finger of the right hand for the wedding and happily ever after." D&H’s Shawn Higgins generally recommends stacking it with the wedding ring. "It’s kind of up to us," he says.

Engagement Ring Rules after Breakup

Unlike a contractual agreement, ring is just a symbol, and there is no obligation on its recipient to return it back. This is because there is no legal binding on the gift to be returned back. However, the general rule is, if the woman breaks the engagement, then he gets the ring back (if he wants it back), and if it's the man behind break-up, then the lady may keep it (if she want to retain it).

Ideally speaking, etiquette-wise woman should offer to return the ring after the broken engagement, while the man is free to politely refuse to take it back. It's all about how mature both are, and what type of mutual relationship they wish to have in future.

In case of mutual breakup, best is to take an amicable decision on ring's ownership. In this scenario, the ring can be sold and final proceed can be shared between both. In my opinion selling is the best option, after all there is no point carrying the baggage of a broken relationship and not letting oneself move on.

Finally, let me tell you, there are no written engagement ring rules, and often it's a subjective choice of how to buy, how to wear, what should be done after break-up etc. Having said that, there are always good practices and ways to do certain things, following which will never be "injurious for health"!

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