Jewelry Trends - 2013

Published Date: 13th Jan, 2013

A piece of diamond jewelry has always a value attached with it - be it monetary or emotional. Every piece of jewelry in your collection would have some memory associated with it and would definitely be close to our heart.

So, you must follow the latest jewelry trends in a way such that your treasured jewelry pieces can be cherished while staying on latest fashion path.

How to Re-invent Your Old Pieces?

Make your granny happy: Vintage diamond jewelry is all the rage. So, it's time to take out the old Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco pieces that your grandma or your mom passed on to you.

If you have these oldies then you are really lucky. After all, you don’t need to spend to be in trend.

Victorian Brooch

Antique Art Deco Necklace

Just pair these old pieces with your modern dresses and you can create your own style statement. However, don’t go overboard. Bring on one piece of jewelry at a time. Bring out your existing geometrical shaped jewelry as Art Deco jewelry is going to be popular this year.

Two-tone look: Multicolor is strict no-no, stay with two tone jewelry. Black and white diamond jewelry, and diamond and emerald jewelry pieces will be very popular this year. You can choose two colors of your choice - like ruby and diamond - or - diamond and your birthstone jewelry pieces. Black and white diamond earrings will be thing to watch out this year.

Two Tone - Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Two Tone - White and Yellow Gold Pendant

Handy Tip - As you know layers are in, so you can mix your existing black diamond bangles and white diamond bangles to create a new trendy look. That too without spending any money!  You can even wear your white pearl and Tahitian black pearl strings together to create a black and white look. Evergreen and classic pearls will be in fashion this year, but mostly in uneven and irregular shapes.

Shades of gold: Rose gold will be in headline this year. So, you can mix up your existing white, yellow and rose gold pieces. White and yellow gold are the classic shades, while soft rose gold can add feminine yet glamorous touch to your look.

Rose Gold Necklace

Simple yet eye grabbing: This year pieces have to be simple in setting and design, but overall look should be bold. So, key lies in either going overboard on their size or in layering them. Let me explain.

You can create the simple yet bold look by wearing an over-sized cuff or bracelet or bangles or by sporting a chunky necklace or a cocktail ring. Second option is you go with layering. Wear many thin bangles together or wear more than one long diamond necklace. Bring out your old gold link chains as large metal link chains will be a popular trend in jewelry as well as in accessories.

Layered Cocktail Ring

Gold Chain Link Necklace

Motifs: Tribal and nature inspired motifs jewelry with some ethnic look will be in demand. According to Chinese calendar, year 2013 belongs to Snake. So, don’t be surprised if you see jewelry brands launching snake inspired jewelry.

P.S. - Floral and animal inspired jewelry is evergreen, so you can easily wear your existing animal or floral inspired jewelry.

Motif Jewelry

Chandeliers, diamond dangling earrings or drop earring: Name it the way you want, but these hanging earrings are loved by everyone. It generally blends with most of the outfits and gives the dressy and girly look.

Just make sure that you are wearing chandeliers as per the occasion and one which suite your face. Read chandelier earring to know which style will suite you the best.

Art Deco Chandeliers

New entry: Innovative head ornaments are making their entry into this year’s trends list. So, if you are in mood of buying some jewelry, then do not hesitate in gifting yourself diamond studded barrettes, hair bands, tiaras or brooches. Celebrities have sported hair jewelry, blending with their outfit to create a glamorous and unique red carpet look.

Hair Accessories

Which ever trend you are following, just make sure you know about the 4C's of diamonds before buying. Online market is flooded with great offers and you can get lot of variety from an online retailer. But, before purchasing online, read the pros and cons of online jewelry buying.

So, go ahead and be a trend Diva and the first among your friends to follow this year’s jewelry trend. What else you think should be in this year’s jewel trends list. You never know, even you might set a new trend!

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