Chinese New Year 2013 - Jewelry Trends

Published Date: 19th Jan, 2013

According to Chinese tradition, friends and relatives usher in New Year with gifting and receiving gifts, and gifting of jewelry is one of the customs. So let’s see what is in trend in jewelry this coming year.

Today China has become world’s one of the largest jewelry producing and consuming nation. This has enabled China to influence the global jewelry trends. International Jewelry brands are keenly observing the taste and preferences of Chinese, to tap the growing jewelry savvy people of china.

Gone are the days when people followed western trends to be in tune with fashion. Now, eastern influence is clearly seen in world fashion map. Oriental themed jewelry with Chinese element in their design has become quite a popular trend. Chinese themed motifs - like pagodas, dragons, cherry blossom - are beautifully blended into jewelry.

Year of Water Snake

As per the Chinese zodiac calendar year 2013 belongs to "water snake". The snake symbolizes luck and is believed to bring prosperity and peace.

Ethnic Motif Look

Jewelry with ethnic, dramatic and bold designs has become popular among youth. Nature inspired jewelry with insects, animal and flower is a classic trend and all time favorite.

Snake Necklace

If you are not a floral girl and think flower pattern is too sweet and delicate for you, then go for statement making animal inspired jewelry. Best would be you sporting a zodiac snake jewelry. This makes great blend of trend and tradition. Wearing a snake necklace shows you are someone who appreciates Chinese tradition and is entering in New Year with peace and positivity.

Trendy input

Snake jewelry is the hottest celebrity trends today. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Rihanna have all been seen sporting snake jewelry. It can add a naughty and luxurious appeal to your look. If not in mood to spend too much, try these imitation diamond jewelry and stay trendy.

Imitation Jewelry

Blend of Metals

Chinese are exploring the world and with more Chinese studying and living overseas, they have developed a taste for different types of metal. Earlier, only yellow gold was popular, but today youngsters are seen showing preference to metals like - platinum, white gold, rose gold, silver and copper.

Jewelry made from rose gold - especially pink champagne sapphire rings (link) - and pink gems is gaining popularity. This is because it brings a more feminine touch to jewelry and compliments all skin tone.

Rose Gold Snake Bracelet

Statement Pieces

Chinese women love statement jewelry - jewelry that’s unique, large and opulent. If you are dressing for party at night, then focus more on face and wear diamond chandelier earrings or yellow gold diamond hoop earrings. Motif inspired opulent statement necklace will make you stand out in crowd.

Statement Necklace

Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings

If it’s a more formal occasion - like work related meeting or maybe a get-together in office - then focus on your hands. Go stylish with a gemstone cocktail ring or a pearl and gemstone bracelet. After all, attention is on your hands while you write something or wave or shake hands.

Cocktail Ring and Gemstone Bracelet

You can also try pendant where center stone is focus of the design and diamonds surrounding it. Apart from jade, other gemstones - like onyx, emerald, sapphire, ruby, opal, pearl and tanzanite - will give you a refreshing look.

Experimenting with Jewelry

Lightweight jewelry with semi-precious gemstones and organic and rare materials will be a trend. You will find lot of jewelry made hollow to reduce gold weight. Jewelers are launching jewelry collections keeping in mind the constant rise of gold price. Different textures and finishes are being experimented to make each jewelry piece stand out and seduce the style conscious buyers.
Asymmetric forms and blend of modern jewelry settings with traditional techniques -  like tasselling and knitting - showcase the fine artistic details and bring out mystic side of the oriental culture at its best.

Motif Inspired Tassel Necklace

Handy Tip

Also keep in mind that you choose such jewelry pieces that you can wear on various occasions and are not reserved for special occasions only. Look for pieces which can be worn in various ways like a diamond brooch that you can use on a necklace as well as hair accessory.

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