Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - The Old Charm is Back

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - Vintage Classic

You are searching for cushion cut diamond engagement ring shows that you are looking for an engagement ring with a deviation from traditional round diamond engagement rings. A cushion diamond engagement ring may not be as eye-grabbing as other fancy shaped diamond engagement rings, but its delicate and charming feel definitely stands out in crowd.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with split shank

Peek in the Past

Do you know cushion cut diamond was in business even before round brilliant cut was introduced in 1919! Due to this cushion cut diamond rings were quite popular during those days.

Cushion cut was designed before the invention of electricity - when candles and oil-lit lamps were the primary source of lighting during night. Therefore, you will find the fascinating beauty of traditional cushion cut at its best under candlelight or a low light.

However, with advent of round brilliant cut diamonds, demand for cushions reduced drastically. Round brilliant captured the market of cushion diamonds, and cushions simply got lost in sparkle of rounds.

But, with new-found love among people for old and vintage fashion and design elements, cushion cut diamond has regained its lost charm. It is increasingly gaining in popularity, with soft and romantic cushion diamond engagement rings back in limelight.

Celebrities' Love

You would have often seen celebrities sporting cushion engagement ring, and when a celebrity's name gets associated with particular piece of jewelry, then it has to becomes a rage.

Miley Cyrus has a 3.5 ct cushion engagement ring on her finger. Giuliana Rancic has a gorgeous 4 ct cushion cut diamond gracing her engagement ring.

Celebrities sporting Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Trending Styles

Listed below are images of some of the styles and settings that should help you in choosing your perfect cushion engagement ring.

Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


Cushion cut diamond surrounded by emeralds

Cushion cut diamond surrounded by emeralds

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Double Band

Double Band

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with gold band

Gold Band

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with tapered baguettes

Tapered Baguettes

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with thin band

Thin Band

Cushion Engagement Rings from Leading Brands

Style-conscious folks don't lag behind in following what's in vogue. So, matching pace with current trends, more and more jewelry designers and leading brands are coming up with various styles of cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring from De Beers' Aura Collection

Heart-stealing piece from De Beers' Aura Solitaire collection. It has the centerpiece beautifully bedecked with smaller diamonds in micro-pavé halo setting.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring from Tiffany's Soleste collection

This Tiffany engagement ring from Soleste collection has cushion cut diamond with surround of pink diamonds in rose gold and white diamonds in platinum. Imparting a contemporary look through co-centric layering of small diamonds, while blend of rose gold and pink diamonds is creating a big impact.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring from Harry Winston

It's a classic piece from collection of Harry Winston engagement rings. Cushion cut gem is elegantly set in micro-pavé setting with a plain and graceful touch.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings vs Round

The brilliance (reflective property that signifies mirror-like shine) of cushion cut diamond is comparatively less than round brilliant cut diamonds, but when it comes to fire (refractive property that signifies splitting of white light into seven spectral colors) cushion is no less.

Some cushion cut diamonds have large facets that make even small inclusions more prominent. Also, if a lower color grade diamond has large facets then it imparts more yellowish tinge. Therefore, for a cushion cut engagement ring, always give emphasis to clarity and color of stone.

So, if you want a cushion cut diamond ring with excellent sparkle, you may have to go for a higher quality cushion cut diamond which will come at a premium price.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings vs Princess Cut

Princess cut is attributed with mixed style facets arrangement that hides the inclusions to a great extent. So, while choosing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, this gives a bit of liberty on clarity front as compared to cushion engagement ring.

As a result, you may have to shell-out less money on a princess engagement ring vis-a-vis cushion cut diamond engagement ring for a comparable beauty. However, just be clear on whether you want pin-fire of princess cut or soft sparkle of cushion. It's the straight edges versus softer lines.

Now you would have got a fair idea that if price is the decisive factor then cushion cut diamond engagement ring may find itself hard to cross that 18 inch jeweler's counter to grace your finger. But don't get disheartened, you can always upgrade your engagement ring in future.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong in doing analysis and making your gray matter work hard, but remember it's about engagement ring that is cherished life-long. So, listen to your heart as well before picking-up the final choice.

Choosing an engagement ring may not be a piece of cake, given that there are so many options to choose from - from choice of metal, to shape of stone, to settings. So, have a look at my eBook - "Guide to Explore Engagement Ring Options: Buy the Right Ring!" - available on Amazon Kindle Store.

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