Diamond - The April Stone

Diamond, the April's birthstone has derived its name from ancient Greek word adamo translated as 'I tame' or 'I subdue'. A'da'mas an adjective which meant unbreakable was used to describe its hardness. In Sanskrit it is called Vajra that means 'thunderbolt'.


Diamond is the hardest known natural substance and on Mohs Scale its hardness is defined as 10 (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest grade). It is 400 times harder than Corundum the next hardest substance from which ruby and sapphire are formed.

You may be also read about diamond formation, how diamond comes to earth surface and some of the famous diamonds.

Color and Variety

Diamonds are available in wide variety of colors like yellow, red, blue, green. On the basis of its color, diamond can be classified as:

  • White Diamond
  • Fancy Colored Diamond

In general when we talk about color of diamond, it means presence or absence of color in white diamonds (different from Fancy Colored diamonds).

Diamond Stone

White diamonds are graded between 'D' (colorless) to 'Z' (off-white or tinted light yellowish diamond) grade on the GIA International Diamond Grading Scale.

The price of white diamond decreases with increase in yellowish tint till the fancy grades are reached where price starts to increase with the intensity of color.

Go through what to consider when selecting color grade? The information provided on this page will help you in taking wise decision at the time of purchasing diamond.

This gem comes in variety of shapes and sizes. Although, round shaped stone is most popular but other shapes like oval, pear, marquise, emerald, heart and princess are also quite popular.

Quality and Value of diamond is determined by four factors which play an important role in determining the value of stone. These factors are called the "Four Cs" or "4 Cs" where Cs stand for:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat
  • Clarity

Diamond as an investment

People’s sentiments towards diamond have changed with passage of time. Nowadays, with changing mindset of consumers, diamonds are being seen as good investment option. Diamond can become good investment only through proper education and research. If you like the idea of investment in diamond, then do read pre-requisites of diamond investment before going ahead with your investment.


Diamond is one of the most versatile gems in the world market today.


When you will look at diamond history, you will come to know that around 14th – 16th century, diamond was not only used in jewelry, but was also treated as Amulet.

Diamond was believed to bestow fearlessness and invincibility upon the wearer and bring its owner wealth, happiness as well as protection. It was a common belief that diamond could alter the course of astrological events by bringing good fortune to those who wore or carried it. In earlier days men were more inclined towards diamond as it was supposed to enhance the sexual skills.


No other jewelry is as popular in world as compared to diamond jewelry. Diamond is used in possibly all types of jewelry pieces – be it a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, brooch and what not.

Due to its hardness, diamond can only be scratched by other diamonds, this is the reason its best suited in jewelry as compared to other gems. Therefore, it’s a preferred stone in wedding and engagement rings which we wear daily, because it can survive daily wear and tear and maintain its sparkle.

Popular Gift Choice

Since ancient times, mankind has been fascinated by the brilliance and fire of diamonds. This gem has always been the symbol of love and gifting diamonds and diamond jewelry has always been a popular choice. It’s a best way to express your love to your loved ones. This is the reason behind increase in sales of diamond during Valentine’s Day and on Thanksgiving. Find the Perfect Gift at Blue Nile.

Industrial Use

Majority of diamonds mined are unsuitable as gems (that can be used in jewelry) and are therefore used in different industries because of hardness. Industrial grade diamonds also include synthetic diamonds.

Industrial diamonds are primarily used in cutting tools (commonly used in diamond tipped drill bits and saws) for the manufacturing of metals. Diamond powder is used as an abrasive.

Other Uses

Diamonds are ground up and used in expensive cosmetics and medicines. In the past and even today they are stitched onto lavish designer clothing. To attract teenagers and young crowd, low cost diamonds are used in various accessories.

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