Two Tone Engagement Rings - Confluence of Classical and Contemporary Formats

Two Tone Engagement Rings - Classy and Fabulous

One of the criterion for a appropriately styled engagement ring is, it should be evergreen and fresh as ever, and the wearer must never get bored of it. An engagement ring must be evident with raw energy with life brimming out of it. Now let me tell you, a 2 tone engagement ring perfectly fulfills this criterion.

Two Tone Engagement Ring

How to define a 2 Tone Engagement Ring?

In a two tone ER, two metals with different color tones are combined. For example, it can be a marriage of rose gold - white gold or white gold - yellow gold or yellow gold - platinum etc.

Just remember, two-tone look is brought about by use of two different colored metals, and NOT by two different colored stones. However, there is no restriction to use dissimilar colored stones in a two tone jewelry.You can very well find use of colored stones in 2 tone engagement rings, but 2 tone effect is not determined by colored stones, rather it's the color of metal.

Meaning of Two Tone Engagement Ring

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies, and an engagement ring is the token of love. So, wouldn't it be apt to say, a 2 tone ER articulates - soul of love residing in two bodies! It perfectly wraps up the essence of an engagement ring.

For Him and Her

Two tone engagement ring is equally popular among males and females. In fact, in male engagement rings two tone effect is infused to add a little bit of style in otherwise simple-looking male rings.

Two Tone Men's Engagement Rings

Two Tone Men's Engagement Rings

Solitaire v/s Small Diamonds

Size of diamond does not matter to get a two tone appearance. If you want to soak a designer mood to solitaire engagement ring without overpowering the core diamond, there is always an option of weaving it with a two tone impression.

Two Tone Solitaire Engagement Rings

Two Tone Solitaire Engagement Rings - (clock-wise from top-left) round, halo and princess diamonds

Two tone round diamond engagement rings are the all-time favorite. But, if you are looking to have something different while staying closer to round, choose a two tone oval diamond engagement ring.

If you have no reservations towards a modern and contemporary look, then a two tone princess cut diamond engagement ring or a two tone marquise diamond engagement ring can inject mod aroma to your overall style.

Two Tone Engagement Ring Settings

It will not be an understatement to say, a perfect setting can produce a stunning two tone engagement ring out of thin air. Below are the few examples of how a 2 tone effect can be created with different settings:

Two Tone Engagement Ring Settings

2 Tone Engagement Ring Settings - channel (top), bezel (bottom left), pave and halo

  • In a two tone channel set engagement ring, just the wall of channel can be of different color. This brilliantly highlights the channel set diamonds, creating an exquisite look.
  • In a two tone bezel set engagement ring, bezel rim can be of white gold with rest of the ring in different color tone to create a designer presence.
  • Unbound imagination can create endless designs in two tone pave engagement rings, with various permutation and combinations to generate two tone effect.
  • In a two tone halo set engagement ring, surround of different colored metal can be combined with center halo, imparting the ring a more modern touch to it.

Two Tone Antique Style Engagement Rings

If you think, two tone style has been in trend in recent times only, then sorry to say - you are wrong. You may not find dearth of two tone vintage diamond engagement rings. In my opinion, two tone ring style is the confluence of old and modern world.

Two Tone Vintage Engagement Rings

Two Tone Vintage Engagement Rings - Victorian (left) and Art Deco (right)

Victorian style engagement rings with yellow gold and rose gold combine were not so uncommon. However, you may not find white and yellow color tones' engagement rings from Victorian era, because white metals like platinum and sterling silver were yet appear on scene, and white gold was commercially not available during those days.

If we talk about Art Deco period, then let me tell you, two tone style was quite popular during that era. As such, art deco jewelry is known for bold contrast of colors. So, the two tone effect seamlessly blends with the theme of art deco jewelry. If searched well, one can readily find exquisite two tone art deco jewelry.

Popular Forms

Two Tone Engagement Rings Popular forms

Two Tone Engagement Rings popular forms - (clock-wise from top) Celtic, 3 Stone and Split-shank

  • Two Tone Celtic Engagement Rings - Slender curves and knots on each side of the ring is the highlight of a Celtic ring. This traditional Celtic engagement ring (above image) undoubtedly represents two souls bound by everlasting love with a graceful two tone effect.
  • Two Tone 3 Stone Engagement Rings - 3 stone diamond rings are the epitome of love and romance. This 3 stone ring is simple and not too fancy, however the two tone effect has added a bit glamor to it.
  • Two Tone Split-shank Engagement Rings - Currently, unsymmetrical bands with abstract swirl pattern is in trend. This gives enough room for two different colored metals to fuse smoothly to produce a unique two tone engagement ring.


In these tough days of slowing economy, people are increasingly going for affordable engagement rings. Keeping this in mind, trends which are popular in real diamond jewelry, are being re-created in imitation jewelry to address price factor.

So, two tone moissanite engagement rings and two tone CZ engagement rings are created with designs similar to real diamonds. At times, quality of finishing and overall designing is so clean that it becomes really hard to differentiate between diamonds and simulants.

Two Tone Affordable Engagement Rings

2 Tone Engagement Rings - Moissanite (left) and CZ (right)

Finally, beyond any doubt two tone engagement rings have been popular since vintage times, making it a strong contender for an all time blockbuster engagement ring style. And, with multitude of choices available in rings with two tone elements, you may not find yourself short of options in 2 tone engagement rings.

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