Halo Setting Engagement Ring

A halo setting engagement ring, as the name suggests has a "halo" circle or border of smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond.

Outline of border can be of any shape (rectangular, heart, oval). However, round and square borders are the most popular.

Although, halo setting has quite an appeal among buyers, people have doubts as well.

So, this article should help you in clearing your confusions and apprehensions related to halo setting.

Types of Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Every jeweler has a different style of setting a halo engagement ring. There can be many variations of halo setting for an engagement ring.

Tiffany's signature style is miligrain edge around the halo, while Harry Winston halo is characterized by minimum show of metal and highlighting just the stones.

Tiffany Engagement Ring

Harry Winston Engagement Ring

However, for better and clear understanding, I will take the liberty to classify the halo engagement ring into two types:

  1. Flush halo surrounding the center diamond with no space or gap between center and smaller surrounding diamonds. This creates the illusion of bigger center piece.
  2. Gap or space between the halo frame and center stone. This style has its own beauty.

Flush Halo

Space between halo frame and center stone

You can even have double halo around your solitaire to create a loud yet tender look. This 14KT Rose Gold Double Halo Style Setting ring from Amazon (below image) is bold and feminine. Double halo band beautifully compliments the unique asscher cut center stone and makes its presence more prominent. If your lady has an eye for graceful and unique items, then trust me this halo set engagement ring will undoubtedly compel her to say yes!

Double Halo Style Engagement Ring
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Different ways of Styling a Halo Set Engagement Ring

Actually, there are endless ways of styling a halo set engagement ring. You can play with different combination of shape of stone and halo frame. For example, round diamond can go with circular as well as oval and square frames.

Most suitable setting for Halo Engagement Ring

Prong setting and bezel setting blends very well with halo. You can even have the combination of both, i.e. prong set with bezel halo engagement ring. Halo micro pave setting engagement ring is also quite in trend.

Bezel Setting

Prong Setting

Best Stone Shape for Halo Engagement Ring

Halo setting can be combined with any diamond shape. However, round, oval and square shapes have been popular in halo setting engagement ring over the years.

But nowadays, designers are creating stunning halo engagement rings using different diamond shapes as well like - emerald cut diamond engagement rings, asscher cut engagement rings, cushion cut engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings and pear shaped engagement rings.

Stone Shapes

Antique Halo Ring Setting or Contemporary Look?

The best part of halo setting is that it looks extremely beautiful in both antique as well as contemporary look. You can very well try antique halo ring setting if you have a flair for antique jewelry.

While, someone with modern taste, contemporary halo engagement ring will go well. However, in my opinion both styles look stunning and magnificent.

Antique Halo Ring

Contemporary Halo Ring

Does Split Shank looks good?

Definitely yes! Since the halo setting emphasizes on the center stone, the overall visual impact of ring can be enhanced by designing its shank. Split shank looks beautiful, and is created by dividing the shank into two sections before joining the central head of the ring.

You can have the side band studded with small diamonds or keep it simple by plain metal and no studding. One can even twist the shanks around each other. There can be  number of creative ideas to play around with shank.

Split Shank Designs

Best Metal for Halo Setting Engagement Ring

As such there is no rule of thumb for this, and choice of metal is for halo setting is subjective preference. Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are the metals popularly used in halo setting engagement rings.

Designers are also using rose gold to create unconventional and distinct look. You can even try the split shank of different metal to have two tone look.

Metal Tones

Solitaire vs Halo Ring?

See, everyone cannot afford a celebrity-like big rock for their engagement ring. However, halo setting opens the possibility of getting a celebrity replica engagement ring with bigger and bolder look at a pretty less price.

Also, if you want to change the look of your existing solitaire diamond engagement ring, you can very well try halo setting engagement ring. Halo around the solitaire intensify the overall look of engagement ring. Frame of smaller diamonds creates a semblance of bigger and finer clarity center diamond.

Solitaire and Halo Engagement Rings

If you still have any queries about halo engagement rings, don’t worry, allow me to help you better. Just send your questions to me.

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