Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval cut engagement rings are in general believed to be for those who wish to tread between traditional round diamond engagement rings and fancy marquise diamond engagement rings.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

However, I just don’t agree with this perception! Oval shaped stone has its own charm and beauty, and one must pick an oval cut diamond engagement ring for its appeal and grace.

It shouldn't be like, you are not able to decide on any other solitaire engagement ring, and end up choosing oval engagement ring.

Truly speaking, you may not have to worry about its sparkle, because fire and brilliance of oval diamond is comparable to that of round brilliant diamond.

Oval Engagement Ring Meaning

Oval symbolizes creativity, fertility, abundance and luck. And without elaborating further, aren't these qualities and attributes contribute to positivity in any relationship!

So, an oval engagement ring is truly the epitome of abundant health, wealth and happiness.

Features of Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  • The first oval shaped diamond was designed by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960’s. Oval cut incorporates  Modified Brilliant Cut and has 58 facets. Variation in the pavilion is allowed with 4, 6 or 8 pavilion main facets.
  • Due to its elongated shape, oval cut diamond creates an illusion of bigger-looking stone than its actual carat weight. Therefore, you can acquire an expensive-looking but not an expensive engagement ring. Isn't it a nice idea!
  • If you have small fingers and wondering which diamond engagement ring will suite you best, then oval diamond engagement ring will undoubtedly be a good choice. This will blend beautifully by giving slender look to your fingers.
  • If your daily activity involves heavy work, then oval engagement ring will certainly suit your lifestyle. Due to absence of pointed and sharp corners, you can wear oval diamond ring daily without worrying about it getting chipped or damaged.

Oval Engagement Ring Settings

Oval is very versatile and you can design your own engagement ring by mounting the stone in setting of your choice. Oval cut engagement rings can be mounted on many settings, and thus you can create your own handmade unique engagement ring. Prong setting and bezel setting look particularly stunning with oval shaped stone.

Prong Setting (left) and Bezel Setting (right)

You can get trendy and get a cross-over styled unique diamond engagement ring without spending too much on setting. Small round diamonds set in the band in pave setting around the oval shaped diamond looks equally magnificent and make diamond appear bigger than its actual size.

Cross-over Style (left) and Pave Setting (right)

Design your own Oval Engagement Ring

Play with your imagination and you can even set oval diamond in art deco style, provided that you have inclination for art deco style jewelry. Generally, geometrical shapes - like, princess and asscher - are preferred in Art Deco style.

Art Deco Style (left) and 2 side rubies (right)

You can also consider side stone setting, as oval cut engagement rings appear quite appealing when set with accent stones. To add your personal touch, birthstones can be added around oval center stone. This highlights center stone in your beautiful engagement rings, and draws much needed eye-balls.

However, I recommend not choosing big round diamonds as side stones, as brilliance of round diamond will steal the beauty of your center oval diamond.

Even 3 stone engagement rings look beautiful with a meaning associated with it. 3 stone jewelry symbolizes and shows your love in past-present-future.

Having said that, it's your engagement ring, so style it in the way you want  and love it. So, if you want value for your money, then consider above-mentioned points sincerely at the time of buying oval cut engagement ring.

Remember following

  • Like other elongated fancy shaped diamonds (marquise), oval shape also has tendency for Bow-tie Effect. It diminishes overall brilliance and clarity of diamond. This flaw is usually not mentioned in diamond certificates, so be careful and have your Oval cut diamond engagement ring examined by an expert. Bow-tie effect can be easily examined by an expert by unaided eye.
  • The length to width ratio of oval shaped diamonds usually ranges from 1.33 to 1.66. If you go for lesser than 1.25 it may look like distorted round and more than 1.75 may not seem appealing. So, play between this range (1.33 to 1.66) to have a splendid looking oval cut engagement ring.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget the golden mantra of 4 C’s of diamond. Check with an expert that all 4 C’s of diamond are in accordance with price you are paying for your engagement ring and get the diamond certificate.

So, go ahead and pick an oval cut engagement ring for its grace, and its bold and utterly feminine look at the same time.

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