Modern Engagement Rings - Elegance without Flamboyance

Modern engagement rings - also termed Contemporary Engagement Rings - are for couples eager to experiment and looking for stylish and elegant rings minus flamboyance.

Modern Engagement Ring

They are just not satisfied with a regular diamond engagement ring, or for that matter a family heirloom ring. Of course, until and unless it's Diana's engagement ring!

However, before proceeding further, do you know how to identify a modern style engagement ring?

Well, modern or contemporary engagement rings, which are quite popular these days, are highlighted by their offbeat, edgy yet elegant and sophisticated designs.

It's not just about contemporary ring style. Design and style of ring should be such that it goes well with present-day lifestyle of people, with lot of emphasis on comfort and simplicity.

Below, I have explained the highlighting aspects of modern engagement rings.

Modern Solitaire Engagement Rings

  • Modern solitaire engagement rings are simple and plain-looking, with minimum accent diamonds or any heavy studded shank designs.
  • Bands are definitely wide with abstract and uneven flow. Split shank is popular but symmetrical split shanks are out. Modern wide-band engagement rings have unsymmetrical swirls.
  • Round shape is all time favorite. Apart from it, cushion, pear, emerald, marquise, princess and radiant diamonds are also in demand.
Modern Solitaire Engagement Rings

Clockwise from top-left: 1) Split-shank radiant cut (2) Swirl round (3) Swirl princess cut (4) Emerald cut

Choice of Metal

I am not against yellow gold, but it's got a grandma's look and appears old-fashioned.

  • White gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten are the popularly used metals in modern engagement rings. Basically, volatile and high price of gold has opened avenues for other metals as well.
  • People nowadays mostly look for dull and matte finish, keeping distance from shiny and glossy appearance.
  • Modern two-tone engagement rings are in vogue. A two-tone look can be achieved by blending white gold and yellow gold .
  • Tungsten and diamond engagement ring also provides a two-tone effect with combination of dark black (color of tungsten) and white (diamonds).
Metals used in modern engagement rings

Clockwise from top-left: 1) Titanium (2) Two-tone (3) Tungsten (4) Rose gold

Modern Engagement Ring Settings

  • A complicated and detailed setting does not go in parallel with a contemporary style engagement ring.
  • It is more about simple and uncluttered looks that is contributed by prong setting, tension setting, bezel setting and pave setting.
  • In my opinion, among all settings, bezel tops the list. Variation in usual bezel setting is possible, like - half bezel setting provides safety along with an ultra modern look.
  • Modern halo engagement rings are a hit this season, and are surely here to stay.
Modern Engagement Ring Settings

Clockwise from top-left: 1) Halo setting (2) Tension set center diamond (3) Bezel Setting (4) Half-bezel


Use of gemstones can simply re-define the overall beauty of an engagement ring.

  • Single solid color - like that of emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. - is quite in craze these days. Contemporary aquamarine engagement rings - with young and feminine look - are also catching up the trend.
  • Multicolor gemstone engagement rings do have their presence in market. However, if you will ask my viewpoint, I will anytime prefer single-color over multicolor, because former will always remain in trend while multicolor jewelry has always been in and out of fashion.
  • Three stone engagement rings have always been popular, while symbolizing "sharing past, present and future together". A contemporary three-stone engagement ring look can be achieved by mixing gemstones and diamonds. For example, you can have a diamond in the center and ruby or emerald as accent stone, or vice-versa.
  • When we are talking about colored stones, it will be worthwhile to bring to notice contemporary black diamond engagement rings and yellow diamond engagement rings. You may or may not be knowing, nowadays these colored diamond engagement rings are in high demand, an are selling like hot cakes.
Modern Gemstone Engagement Rings

Clockwise from top-left: 1) Yellow diamond (2) Emerald (3) Aquamarine (4) 3 stone diamond and ruby (5) 3 stone emerald and citrine

Modern Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings

There are multiple reasons why today people are opting for engagement rings with no diamonds. Firstly, due to high price of diamonds, and secondly people are not inclined to purchase conflict diamonds which by some or the other means find way into diamond supply chain.

This often leads buyers - searching for contemporary style rings - towards contemporary moissanite and CZ engagement rings. Further, when we talk about modern inexpensive or affordable engagement rings, CZ rings top the chart.

Finally, let me tell you, an engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that we intend for daily wear. So, take an educative decision and choose wisely. Don't run after unusual-looking engagement rings just for the sake of show-off. Your engagement ring's joy quotient should not diminish with time. So, choose a ring which you will cherish and treasure forever.

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